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when the internet savvy get pissed, the internet savvy google bomb

so, according to smart bitches/trashy books it seems that amazon's folks at amazon rank have decided to stop including books that are a threat to puritanical society in their amazon rank.
scandalous and smutty books, you know, like foucault's history of sexuality*.
not that i approve of them removing the amazon rank listing from playboy's century of sex** or the amazon rank for basic women's erotica .

*and to illustrate the arbitraryness of it all volume 2 retains its amazon rank.

**don't worry, the amazon rank for playboy:the complete centerfolds is still safe.

amazon explains why sales' ranks matter here.

does a business have the *right* to run itself however it sees fit? for the most part, sure.
marshall, a so-called employee at amazon, says that amazon can't be homophobic because they employ a lot of gay people. which... i'm not going to touch their hiring practices right now .... but that sounds a lot like the "some of my best friends are gay" corporate equivalent. his comment at smart bitches/trashy books only makes amazon sound incompetent.

but, more to the point, if customers and potential customers are disgruntled by said company's policies, they also have the right to show their feelings and share their frustration.
sending a live-action threat to amazon is very much illegal.
google-bombing amazon and their amazon rank ~ not at all.
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i am supposed to be writing a 15-page paper that has something to do with idenityish stuff (sexuality, disability, race, gender, class, trauma, immigration: whatever.) and family and theoretical approaches and, yeah.

i can't even stay content on the base topic.

i realllllllllly wanted to do queer. but social work world doesn't have a lot of writing on "queer". i thought maybe bisexual? ~ more, but not as much as would make for a good paper. i have one article that talks about the experiences of gay men, lesbians, gay women (because women-identified folk tend to get uppity about their sexual identity labels more so than men-identified folk), and bisexuals (who get no sex/gender identity label attached to them so therefore don't have a gender?)

in and of itself, this paucity is its own rant paper.

but that's not the goal. the goal is to write, damnit. and research, too. despite having a college that is part of the city's uni system, of which i am a part, a whole block away from my apartment, i'm not that interested right now in paying money to leave my bedroom and photocopy journal articles. (if they actually had an article that sounded like i might fall in love with it, this might be a different story. as it is, they barely have any journals that i might be vaguely interested in perusing.)

so, for now, i am exploring via online journal articles family violence in the lgbt/q context. this may or may not shift away and go back to lgbtq parents. i'm not really keen on lgbt/q youth experiences because i don't trust youth survey responders (i've been one and i know too well the joys of having the capacity to fuck with the data of people you know don't give a damn about you) and i trust the researchers even less. (see experiences of being a youth respondent. my opinion hasn't changed that much. i know i'm not being fair (or even logical). but whatev. i didn't say i lived in rationality-world.)

also~ [livejournal.com profile] starkyld posted new york times's latest woe-are-the-rich article about how families are moving from one rich part of town to another to get into an even better school district, since private schools might be unaffordable in this economy.
if i get bored enough tomorrow,i may come back and ramble some thoughts on education and budgets and race and class and whatnot. tl;dr preview: equal education is still a laughable myth.

today i have only but so much time since i'm going to my n-vagina monologues show in the evening.

papers still don't write themselves.
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feministing has its good days and its bad days. and most days, it just hast its days. (i missed the original from earlier this month.)

it linked to this story about a california lutheran high school that was just given the legal nod to allow expulsion a pair of students of the perceived lesbian persuasian, based on myspace pages as evidence. (well, that and they don't act like 'normal' female friends should act. whatever that means.)
oh a whim, but really already knowing what i would find,i followed feministing's link for the bastion of hate and, yes, bingo, it is a sister school to my old dive .
and no, not all lutherans are such incredible morons.

so i went back and read the ruling. some tattle-tale student started it all when zie told one of the pastor-teachers (male) about the page who then asked one of the girls if she had "... ever touched (the other student) ... in any inappropriat ways?" while looking her up and down .. EWWWWWWWWW.
also, i want to know what was cut out.

i know i've writ before on my high school experiences adding to my lateness in queer self-acknowledgement... the knowledge was there, but i refused to admit it. (i'd link back but some of them are filtered and i can't seem to be bothered at the moment to sift.) once upon a time, when wisconsin was trying to be cutting edge with school vouchers, my school rejected the notion of vouchers because they didn't want to get caught up in such a drama and losing. i was strong and spirited, but not that strong and spirited. and i wasted a whole lotta time fighting myself.

belief systems amaze me sometimes. no, really. they do.

and my heart goes out to the two students who had to go through so much bull shit in the name of "god". because, really? seriously?
i hated going to my school, beyond standard angst.
for a number of reasons, i was the most rejected of the females and didn't accept most of the religious mandates, but continued attending there largely because of other life events and my parent/s' refusal to let me go to a public school. (other stories....)

and i have a whole lot to say on the bi/lesbian hate drama going down, but i'm realizing how someway triggery i'm feeling so i'm going to wait for another day to process and then decide how public i want that processing to be.

i'm also bored enough to post a link to the group list for my alma mater on myspace. i have to decide though, if i'm masochistic enough. considering it was myspace that was the students' downfalls.....hmmmm.

(and fuck if i'm going to give that one publishing house original credit)
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Stab victim says attack gang 'hated men'


An oxygen tube pumping air into his lungs, the 28-year-old man allegedly beaten and stabbed in the West Village by a gang of petite lesbians described the attack yesterday from his hospital bed.
"They hated men," Wayne Buckle said from the intensive care unit of Saint Vincent's Hospital Manhattan. "I think it would have been any man and not just me."

Still shaken by Friday's terrifying assault, Buckle, an independent filmmaker from Queens, said he felt he was the victim of a bias attack.

"It was a hate crime against a straight man by a ton of lesbians," he said. "This is what the world is coming to."

Several witnesses and police sources said Buckle sparked the attack by spitting on a 19-year-old lesbian after she rejected his advances outside the IFC movie theater on Sixth Ave. near W. Third St. He also allegedly cursed the woman, Patrice Johnson, using gay slurs.

Johnson and six of her friends - all lesbians from New Jersey - pounced on Buckle at 2 a.m., whipping him with belts before Johnson stabbed him repeatedly in the belly with a 4-inch serrated steak knife, authorities said.

Buckle was bleeding badly after the attack. He suffered multiple stab wounds to his stomach, and his face was bruised.

The seven suspects were arraigned early yesterday on charges of attempted murder, assault and gang assault. They were ordered held on $50,000 cash bail or $150,000 bond.

His eyes swollen, Buckle was hooked up to a respirator yesterday. He denied that he had provoked the attack and insisted he was not homophobic.

"All I said was, 'Excuse me, how are you doing?' like a gentleman," he said. "I thought it was the natural thing to do."


the IFC theater is in the big gay greenwich village.
the differences in reality are amazing, but not surprising.
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Guess who's a gay?

nooo. i'm not talking about lance bass! (that's soooo old news, anyway...)

it's BILL CLINTON! (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] hardvice for the info; my life was not complete without this knowledge.)

just ask ann coulter.

see? )

isn't it amazing?
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How much do you need to know about your spouse's previous sex life?

Published: Tuesday, 4-Jul-2006

Under a new ruling by the California Supreme Court, a person who has reason to believe he or she has HIV may be sued by sexual partners should they become infected. To knowingly pass on HIV is already illegal in California and people who do so may be sued for damages in state court, but the new ruling extends the state's view of when liability arises from the disease.

The chief issue before the court was whether an HIV-positive person who hadn't yet been tested for the virus could be held responsible, in a civil suit, for infecting a partner, and the answer is yes, at least in some circumstances.

text saved below cut for educational purposes )

The court has ruled that the husband must disclose when and how often he had sex with men, because it might indicate whether he should have known he was infected.


this article did give the most comprehensive information, and helped calm me down a wee bit, i'm still calling bullshit.

look, this whole situation sucks. if the husband spread hiv knowingly, he's an ass and then some. he'd be a case in which i wished i believed in karma. and i really don't justify willingly transmitting hiv to someone who doesn't know what they might be getting themselves into, which means, i'm not talking about "bug chaser" situations (wherein gay men try to get infected), of which i don't presently have commentary. but i'm not even sure if i'm *comfortable* with the prosecution of willful transmission to the unwilling. from the way things are looking, the guy had a negative hiv test. "high-risk" behaviour be damned, he had at least some reason to believe he wouldn't be transmitting hiv.

the government really just needs to stay the fuck out of my pants. THEY'RE MY PANTS!11!! they should stay out of yours, too. unless you want to let them in, but ONLY YOUR PANTS then. nobody else's. not your parents'. not your partners'. NOT MINE. and that's really, as far as i'm concerned, is what a lot of this is all about.

yes it really is..... )
let me finally clarify that i do not blame the woman if she is, in fact, the victim of an asshole here. again, her situation is sad and tragic. and if she infected her husband, that, too, is sad and tragic. my statements would remain the same if she were a sex worker and not his wife. but the government still needs to stay out of my pants.

[the case is john b. vs. superior court, S12824]

see also:


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City Limits WEEKLY Week of: February 13, 2006

Department of Homeless Services will now house transgender shelter residents according to their identity, rather than birth gender. > By Abby Aguirre

After three years of talks with advocates for the transgender homeless, the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) has announced a dramatic policy change that assigns transgender homeless clients to city shelters according to gender identity, rather than birth gender.
Under previous intake practices, trans clients were often asked for legal identification and sent to a corresponding shelter. As a result, many experienced dangerous and degrading treatment at the hands of other shelter residents and staff [see “Transgender Homeless Seek Safety," <http://www.citylimits.org/content/articles/articleview.cfm?articlenumber=1217> City Limits magazine January/February 2005]. All-male facilities like the 954-bed Ward's Island shelter were considered particularly unsafe.

“We’ve had women coming out of Ward’s Island who report having been gang-raped and beaten up,” said Jay Toole, a transgender veteran of the city shelters and an organizer at Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ), one of three groups who led the campaign.
Under the new policy, staff at intake shelters will receive training on diversity, transgender and intersex issues. Training will be implemented in phases and include staff at city intake shelters managed by private nonprofits as well as security personnel.
read on )
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i was going to plagiarize [livejournal.com profile] jadedjade's critique of brokeback mountain. it's her fault i have so much consciousness of this movie since it's a cowboy flick and i don't do cowboys. the story is beyond horrible in its prose - think harlequin, only without the romance, and none of the flair of zane.

but then i found this gay city news article instead.

before i carry on and share that, however, let me revert to fifth grade for just a few moments to point out that A.we are talking about a movie called brokeback mountain. which leaves much space for freudian/not-so freudian slips. B. we have a main character called ennis ahem del mar (which, for those of you not-so-literate in spanish translates to "of the sea") C. another character named Jack (insert word here) twist no, no innuendos there!.

ok, and on with the show.

article text behind this here cut. article does include 'spoilers' )

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so, apparently, both target and american girl are wankers.

both have caved to x-ian pressures.

a)target... they've opted against the vibrating cock ring. they're still selling the "stimulating" gels. i mean, really, what afa originally got their panties in a bundle over is the product line is aimed at OMG NO women's pleasure.

and target still "bans" all religious money handlers from their property, including the anti-gay salvation army.

so they could be worse. like, ahem,

b) american girl this back pedaling SEVERELY pissed me off...

from afa's email: Within hours of our email alert, American Girl changed their website and removed the link to Girls Inc. from their site. They then moved all references to Girls Inc. from the homepage to a secondary webpage.

News reports state American Girl has no plans to drop their close association with Girls Inc. and will continue giving the group financial donations.

In addition, American Girl changed the text of the "I Can" bracelet program, stating the donations are "earmarked" for non-lesbian, non-abortion promotional activities. This financial support designation simply frees up others monies at Girls Inc. for political and social advocacy activities.

EMAILS: target AND american girl

i'm waiting until i get to the point of something beyond "for fuck's sake people" before emailing. (though, with target, that's not all that bad of a response....)
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the subject line reads: American Girl teams with pro-abortion, pro-lesb--n group

(because we all know LESBIAN is a 4-letter word.)
and OMG our girls might learn about their bodies! and "safe and effective birth control!" we can't possibly even consider allowing that, now can we?
heavens, no. and allow them to question their sexuality? well, now, we must lock them up and hide the key.

or not.
i am the italics.
American Girl teams with pro-abortion, pro-lesbian group
Dear Friend of the Family,

Possibly some of you have daughters who play with the American Girl dolls or read their books because only *daughters* play with dolls. You may even be thinking about buying a doll or books for Christmas because *everybody* celebrates xmas with full consumer style. Well, it turns out American Girl (owned by Mattel) is partnering with a group called Girls Inc.warning- they are of the devil to sell a bracelet, the "I Can" band, which financially supports Girls Inc. Seventy cents of every purchase goes to Girls Inc. The band is sold on the American Girl webpage with a large ad and a link to the Girls Inc. webpage. In addition, the webpage says American Girl is giving $50,000 to Girls, Inc.
there be information here )
and you thought target was bad!
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seriously, they are often my front-line news source of updates on the homo agenda and other fun past times of mine.

most recently, they have informed me that target a) does not allow salvation army to solicit your pennies. and, more importantly really,b) they intend to sell VIBRATORS.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, by giving target your hard-earned money, you are supporting SIN.
as requested, i am forwarding the email to my friends and family in order to share this devastating news.


because sex with an inanimate object is adultery, apparently?
and walmart is the saviour of this nation.
and de-prioritizing religion is all a bad thing.

and because i'm a whiner:

so "discrete" and in the "feminine care aisle"?

and goddamnit. this does not help the to shop at target/to not shop at target dilemma. but, because i am a child who still likes to thumb her nose at asshattery... i think signes are looking like there is a trip to my (not-so) friendly neighborhood target store.

ETA:go ahead, tell target how you *really* feel. and don't forgt to check the *** link above. it's not perfect. so you may want to google away.
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amidst my wanderings over the weekend, i picked up a copy of lip magazine. radical liberal fun. and, while not perfect, is the best magazine since bitch, which has generally been annoying me as of late.

in addition to the works of mattilda aka matt bernstein sycamore and bertrand russell, they printed a (san francisco?) craigslist post. which i completely intend to semi-plagiarize later for my own self, but for now am content to completely plagiarize for you selves.

For Sale or Barter: My Body, in Persistent Vegetative State

I make the following statement in a sound state of mind and of my own volition:

If I am rendered comatose and determined to be in a persistent vegetative state (PVS) for period loner than one month and if no imminent cure is forthcoming, I do not wish to be kept alive by artificial means including but not limited to nourishment, hydration, etc.

However: If due to the absurd political state of affairs in this country, my PVS and impending unplugging can be parlayed into some sort of political gain, I wholly endorse using my predicament in whatever way possible for the purposes of passing legislation favorable to my general political and ethical outlook. Here is a list of top-tier causes I support and will continue to support, both while in my PVS ad after my eventual death.

lj cut for length of author's causes with added commentary at end by moi )

ok. so maybe i also have too much time on my hands tonight. i did, however, get to watch arrested development. whilst watching the tv, i managed to get mosquito-bitten on my ass (THROUGH MY PANTS), on my heel (THROUGH MY SOCK), and on my hand, before smacking the sucker and making a mess.
see, mother nature needs to be nicer to me if zie wants me to return the favour.
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apparently, falwell has decided teh gays do deserve to work and have shelter, after all. just not in his backyard.

Jerry Falwell Has Gay Epiphany
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

(Lynchburg, Virginia) The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who once blamed gays and feminists for 9-11, now says he supports basic civil rights for gays and lesbians - but with conditions.
of course there are conditions. what did you expect? yes, the rest of the story is within. click to be educated. )

i suppose i'm supposed to be happy and start turning cartwheels.
fuck that, i say. have i ever mentioned that i despise hrc? no. no. no. no. i will NOT be grateful for such bullshit. a pox on both men.
and i never knew that the right to housing was an "american value". never mind, i've been working in the homeless systems of nyc for three years. (where "shelter" is a guaranteed constitutional right, in theory, and seen women sent back to their batterers, despite orders of protection/restraining orders, so they can "work it out"... or something.) i must just be slow.
and recruiting? how can this man ignore the severe social pressures placed on people to adopt "straightness"? i'm not talking ex-gay brainwashing, but the heterosexual normative that so permeates falwell's "america". if anyone does recruiting, it's the hets, not the homos.
oh well, i have a (metaphorical. not literal.) terrorist group to join so that i can further destroy falwell's america.
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ok folks, so i've decided to jump on the bandwagon and make me a community. (i have to do something with all my time if i'm not going to be in skool. i'd prefer it if that something doesn't involve [livejournal.com profile] feminist.)

my plot is to create a queer news community for sharing and discussion of news, etc. articles. at present, it will be open across the board.

however, i am working on rudimentary rules to keep riffraff out.

i'm hoping for at least one extra mod, particularly since my internet access is so limited.
::glares at particular someone::

so, first, i look to you for guidance.

[Poll #432596]

i know gay_news already exists in syndication. i want something with room for discussions/debates/etc.
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Time Out New York February 3-9, 2005 issue has decided to tell us all about the gay. considering it's mainstreamedness, the article in question doesn't suck.

transcribed, with new-window-linkages (when possible); because i care.

What’s in a name?
In an era of transmen, hasbians, and genderqueers, the idea of “gayness” is being stretched, splintered and debated – and it’s not just about who’s sleeping with who.
By Beth Greenfield

Meet “Tatiana,” a 28-year-old event planner who lived the full-on dyke life for ten years. A femme beauty, she dated cute butches, threw popular downtown girl bashes, penned pieces about lesbian life in culture magazines and became so popular in New York’s gay nightlife scene that she was deemed a “celesbian.” But a few months ago, Tatiana fell for a man; he’s now her boyfriend. . . . Long Article. )
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the ny blood center's been calling me every day again. i answered it for a change. contrary to my most preferred poll results, i told them the truth- i'm getting over infections that i took antibioitics for.
call again later.

i think i got suckered because he started off the request by telling me i helped 5 people last time and they're really i need now because of this weather.

so, tell me lj-world, how much of a poseur am i?

[Poll #427425]

feel free to elaborte. etc.
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recently, i told [livejournal.com profile] brienf about an article i remembered reading in which a judge threw out tom cruise's lawsuit where the actor was suing someone for stating he (cruise) was a gay. the judge's logic was that to accept such a lawsuit would be to accept there was something defamatory about being gay.
I CAN'T FIND IT. i swear, i didn't dream this one up. and i'm trying to figure it out.
in the meantime, however, all i can find are articles from his "wins" in 2001 and 2003. in 2003 he was awarded TEN MILLION dollars because some gay "erotic wrestler" claimed to have had an affair with him.

now how, praytell, is the stamp of heterosexuality worth 10 mil-lion dollars?

and why must this actor be so insecure that he runs around suing anyone who calls him the gay? really, there are worse playground names to be called than for someone to claim you're a homosexural. cruise says he's trying to protect his "reputation". say what? ahhh. so rather than attempt to fight the homophobia permeating hollywood, you want to cash in on your (supposed?) "straight rights"? rather than teach the ignorant it's ok to be gay, you'd perpetuate the myth that it's BAD.

fuck that. why must we put up with this shit? oh.. right, he's against AIDS. he can't possibly suck that much.
grrrrr. so much for the liberal hollywood elite. . .

2003 article (with added commentary) . HE'S NOT GAY!!11! )
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courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] glbtq4life, i've learned of twilight of the golds, which netflix apparently carries.
i left netflix on rather bad terms, but i'm thinking i may want to rejoin...

i need to start wasting more time watching foolish lifetime movies. right?

the synopsis )
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i came across a beautiful quote while reading about how much the media suck. frequently, i have a hard time explaining my inflexibility in my writing. even- especially- for academia. i dropped out of the professional journalism track because of my stubbornness. it’s why i created strings to pull so i could get out of my english senior paper class. it’s why i’m a firm believer in not selling out (a whole other topic). it’s (among other reason) why i don’t so much get along with a lot of educator-types and that whole crowd who understand the need to alter your message so it can be heard..

but my man james baldwin says it best.

“Let’s say I write a centennial TV spectacular to celebrate the hundredth birthday of Negro freedom. I write it and the sponsors say: ‘Well, I think you ought to writer cooler here and softer there. I want you to take that out.’ And you can do it and justify yourself by saying ‘Well, half a loaf is better than none. At least they’re showing a TV spectacular.’ But what you’ve done has wrecked the show, half a loaf is not better than none; half a loaf is like poison. It’s like half a truth. And once you have done it, once you have persuaded yourself that you should do it, you begin tampering with something inside yourself, which is a very dangerous thing to do. You have attacked the very basis of your self-respect. What everyone has to understand, which is very hard to understand: The world offers you the way you die; you die on your terms, or you die on their terms.”

and this is where i stand on all such matters. compromise, when it comes to art, information, and related shite, is shit. i just lack mr. baldwin’s way with words to be able to concisely say why.

i post this now because of a discussion at work about the man and his genius.
about, among other things, how idontgiveafuck he was regarding his sexuality, way back in the middle of the past century. (when you think about it, it really was “way back”). i was going to post it eventually anyway, but i felt more inspired now. carepe diem.

i do believe the punk in me is even more in love with j.b.'s spirit than before.

i also think that the snow of my happiness will not last long.

i, furthermore, think that i frequently think much too much.

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