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Have I ever mentioned that I so don't like binaries?

the recent murder of Kansas City (USA) Dr. Tiller has me re-pondering.

How binaried is choice?

I was thinking about this for awhile, and recent discussions in that one community have restarted the musings.

I'm very much in the Choice=Choicen camp. Abortion on request,without apology for any who requests it and without financial barriers.

I get annoyed by the "I'm pro choice BUT____" because, to me, you either believe in a person's right to make choices about their bodies according to their beliefs or you believe in a person's right to make choices about their bodies according to your beliefs. so while it may not make you "pro life", it establishes a limited definition of choice.

But, then, for the longest,I was in that "I'd never have an abortion/abortion is wrong BUT i think women should be able to have a safe abortion" camp.
and, really, isn't that still pro-choice in a way?

and, how many people who ID as "pro-life" fit into in this quasi-pro-choice camp? which would then actually make the significant majority of USians "prochoice" - sort of?

oh, frames and semantics. how funny you are.

as long as we're on the topic - it's been awhile since i've plugged for donations, so:
in the meantime:

national network of abortion funds
medical students for choice
Abortion care network which is linked with men and abortion.

or volunteer


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