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soooo, i was supposed to go and watch the ball drop from metro-dc.

however, a certain ex-prez went and died and has a multi-day funeral.
the funeral being in dc, of course.

which is leaving the city cranky and upside-down-like.

and the transit and traffic systems have been transforemd into even more craptastic states.

which means my new year's? in new york.

and some people DREAM of this.

but i do not.

the whole times square thing? nightmarish.

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dear internal organs:

look, we go through this every year. i cannot control the weather. really, i can't. throwing tantrums and causing me pain will not change this fault of mine. The Weather doesn't give a damn - so, please, again, stop it.

honestly, i shit you not, we'll have a better life together if only you listen to me.

you know how much i hate the medicine. it's not my fault if the humidity gets over 50%. you know, it can't rain unless the humidity breaks. so why are you making me over-take OTC drugs just to maintain some semblance of reality?

just stop it, pretty please with non-dairy/non-soy whipped cream and an organic cherry on top.

k, thx. i promise to continue to shake my fist at the garish sun, just for you.

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pretty (evil)


see those spikes? they're jabbing into my lungs at this moment. jab. jab. jab. 'tis quite annoying.


Dec. 25th, 2005 06:46 pm
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today is "make up for lost posts day", apparently.

the original point of the whiney "where's my snow?" post was a "we wish you a happy chanukah", post.

so now we have it.

and i managed to not get all distracted.
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dear ye olde weather creator:

you do realize that the song is "i'm dreaming of a white christmas", right? it's not, "i'm dreaming of a wet christmas"... christmas celebrating may not be very high on my list of activities, but i do love a frollick in the freshly fallen holiday snow. it's a tad bit hard to do that when raindrops keep falling on my head.

ok, so maybe you thought that white christmas was some sort of skin colour thing? no. it's a snow thing. and by snow, i do mean frozen falling from the sky, snow. for real.

i know it's too late for this year. but maybe you could kinda' keep this in mind for next year? you've been doing pretty decently for most of the recent years, for that i'm ever so grateful. i'll even pray to jeebus for you.


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i remain, after taking longer than usual to get to work and walking more than usual, but still making it into manhattan via car, pro-union/worker anti-strike.

i mean, if i could go on strike to get 8% a year, i'd be there in less than a minute. it's not like twu is asking for a lot. and i still don't understand how city workers can't strike. (yeah, the taylor law. fine. so the city/mta should work better with the union so as to not be put into such a position. it gives the employer far too strong of an advantage.)

this does not mean it is fair. homeless clients with appointments to "prove" they are elligible for homelessness assistance at a location 5+ miles away are supposed to find their own way there, or potentially risk being found elligible.
um, what?

hra/welfare is being flexible, theoretically. but we'll see how things look 2 weeks from now when information appears to be missing, but is really only more misfiled than usual.

and those who have no/minimal support system and are trying to work? forget it.

the wrong people end up being hurt. which is not twu's fault.

i love how 311, the city info line which is 212.639.9675 (new york) for out of area-ers, stresses the strike is "illegal", which is total and free sspin on their part. most of the news peoples state the same thing.

i'm so annoyed. and cranky. but i have a full paycheck.
and a bonus from the city for kicking ass last year. but that's another story that could make me happy, but is liable to leave me annoyed-er.
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Making Sick Children's Wishes Come True

Jason DeRusha

(WCCO) Waconia, Minn. On the court at Waconia High School, John Kalthoff looks like any other freshman basketball player.

But on the inside, the 14-year-old has an incurable disease with a scary name: neurofibromatosis.

"It's a disease where you can grow tumors in your body anywhere you have a nerve, which is pretty much everywhere," said his mother, Barb.

"I don't feel them at all, unless I touch them," John said.
make a wish and read the news article )

this whole "incurable disease" thing has always struck me as odd. i'd say more "condition" than disease. but then denial is my own best worst enemy.

i never got a trip to anywhere. which is fine. but if he's able to go to d.c. from minneesota for treatment, does he really need the make a wish foundation? (especially since the mayo clinic is a car-drive away.)

there was supposed to be more writing here, but i changed my mind. and i have a headache that thinks it wants to keep brewing.
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i went to toys in babeland... i blame moby for moving in next door and hip-ifying up the place with his teany. i'm not liking the new scene of the store.

i'm just saying,,,, where's the grit of the neighborhood? what's with the +/-? if the name change is due to their not being just toys, why the hell did the book section shrink? and since when did the staff of 'babeland' become so damn snotty?
inquiring minds want to know, damnit.

also, "toy" stores really shouldn't advertise toys online that they're not going to have stocked yet in stores. it's just cruel.
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some days, i wish i had my own private rain cloud.
everyone else can enjoy their garish sun, and i'll be happy as a clam (whatever that means).

it hit 94' degrees* today and i didn't melt.
i didn't even dehydrate myself.
i expect all of you to rejoice for me.

i did, however, get pinkified. this would be despite repeat layerings of spf 30. and the skin is peeling already.
no good can come of this.

it's not even gonna barely tan. (only the neck browns. and that's spotchy so it looks dirt-ay.)

in other news, the mermaid parade was.... the mermaid parade. it was worth it as much as anything else could be.

* yes, i am aware some of you have the joys of 117' days. but pity me anyway.
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i think today is the first day all week i'm not suffering from some form of migraine/body hell.

knocking on wood.

as in pressed sawdust. get your mind out of the gutter, damnit.

i <3 my body.

my therapist is telling me it's my body's way of getting me attention. typical.

BUT, any of you's who want a fabu holiday card scored from the 50% off table cuz i'm cheap-thrifty awesome, leave me your address and stuff.

all comments are being screened.
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i have next to no money.
it was like 77 degrees yesterday.
my allergies are seriously kicking my ass.
i have no real shades to protect my fragile little eyes from the garish rays of the goddamned morning sun.
i also have no a/c as of yet.

this is summer. and it's only april???? it's not even summer yet.

ok, i'm done with the self pity for another 5 minutes.


Apr. 19th, 2003 05:20 pm
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why did the jehovah's witnesses bring a little girl to my door to ask me if i think children are growing up too fast?
is it just me, or is there something skewy with that?
(this, by the way, was at 1030 in the morning. i just happened to be awake and dressed already for some unknown resason.)

i might have thought that the growing up too fast referred to child abuse, etc. except the cover of their paraphanellia was of a school girl surrounded by a mound of homework. either way though, my answer is/was yes.
(it did also discuss the oh-horrors of abuse, etc.)
little girl wanted to give me their literature and come back to visit me with her mother so as to pracitce her proseleytization techniques.
um, no, that's ok.

i was nicer than i sually am.
this is what i get for moving practically next door to a jw place of worship.
but at least it's just them and not the world trying to save my soul, as has happened in the past.

she couldn't have even been in 5th grade. and was nervous as hell. she read me a quote "childhood is the most basic right of children" ~ i agree. so little gril, get you tush out on the streets and start playing. don't be knocking on my door on a saturday morning.
don't be knocking on my door anytime soon until after you're an adult.
and then, don't knock on it then.

in a mood.

Apr. 10th, 2003 04:12 pm
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last night, among a slew of other people, i talked to [livejournal.com profile] cloudbear who, among other things, compelled me to post the quote "they don't make sponges for my asshole".
maybe that's a paraphrase.
but, that's essentially what he said.
it's funny because it's true.

i'm in a good mood. unlike this morning, when i could barely drag my sorry self out of bed. i could not do it . i mean, obviously, i did. but it was a big uphill struggle.
it (the blahness) actually started last night when i decided not to take care of my sinus headache and was in a room that had to be 100 degrees, which didn't help. in addition to everything else that gives me headaches, uncontrolled, prolonged heat is right up there.
that, and the notion that i might not get a refund afterall was more than just a little bit of a bummer.

now, i'm going to be busy tonight. no matter what. we'll see what happens. so i am quite happy to be well recovered.

so, yeah.

(and the vulgarity doesn't count, because it's a quote.)
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on the way to work today at NINE in the morning, i
couldn't figure out at first why the car horns were
especially loud and obnoxious. the train had
already seemed overly-crowded. (why, again, did i come
here when i HATE HATE HATE crowds?...) the sun was
especially sunny and garish. but i kept walking, because i had to get my doughnut (from the doughnut man who had relocated from his usual spot) and at
broadway, i saw what was up: there were a number of
anti-war protesters blocking the street.

ok, please, i do DESPISE this war-thing they got going
on. (it is "officially" a war, right?) but if
anybody blocks my ass from crossing the
street, i'm only going to get pissed and turned off.
i am Not going to be sympathetic to the cause.
if pro-war demonstrators pulled that shite, i'd only
hate the war more. it's generic psychology. use a
little pr sense people!

and it's not like bushie is going to call the troops
home because some people are holding up traffic in

the protesters did flee before the cops showed up.
which was a good thing.

and now, i'm in my dark little cubicle.
safe and sound.


Feb. 12th, 2003 02:02 am
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how does one get rid of a crushee (you’re the crushed. i mean, you are not the crushed. but hypothetically speaking, you're the crushed) to whom you’ve made it explicitly clear that you’re am not interested in things romantic, without completing getting rid of the person himself? he’s nice enough and all. . .(the dreaded “nice”.)
the shit is annoying. really. how i land myself in bizarre (non)relationships time and time again, i’m not 100% sure. i have ideas. i always have ideas.
in theory, i could just nip it in the bud and just explicitly say what i think needs to be said. (i’ve done this at least once already.) but i tend to be incredibly, well, okay, blunt, and if the theoretical crushee is uber-sensitive (which he is), this just complicates things...
why the fuck am i even wasting my time on this?

i blame boredom. for everything. boredom is my best friend and my worst enemy. it will lead me to fortune or despair. boredom. well, i blame boredom. (being nice contributes to situational reservation.)
boredom is also what led me to make what could be described as rather foolish decisions over the weekend. if i was the sort to wallow in regret, i could.
but wallowing holds me back, and i've done that to myself enough already.
wow, aren't we approaching borderline sharing.

and so it goes.

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