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i was going to plagiarize [livejournal.com profile] jadedjade's critique of brokeback mountain. it's her fault i have so much consciousness of this movie since it's a cowboy flick and i don't do cowboys. the story is beyond horrible in its prose - think harlequin, only without the romance, and none of the flair of zane.

but then i found this gay city news article instead.

before i carry on and share that, however, let me revert to fifth grade for just a few moments to point out that A.we are talking about a movie called brokeback mountain. which leaves much space for freudian/not-so freudian slips. B. we have a main character called ennis ahem del mar (which, for those of you not-so-literate in spanish translates to "of the sea") C. another character named Jack (insert word here) twist no, no innuendos there!.

ok, and on with the show.

article text behind this here cut. article does include 'spoilers' )

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howard dean sent me a survey earlier last week. it was supposed to be for the democrats in "the Brooklyn area", whatever that means. they want grassroots support for "our Party's agenda".

dean's letter was addressed "dear fellow democrat".
now, i could pretend that this is a whole family-name confusion thing. (my grandmother, up until she died, had been democratic chairperson for our region of Wisconsin.) but that would be an awful lot of pretending.

i made sure to ammend the survey to state that i'm not a democrat. never have been. never will be. damnit.

the survey didn't ask my race. or my sex. or my gender. or my age. or my date of birth.
maybe they already Know.

also starkly lacking was any mention of Queer related issues. well, maybe if you want to stretch, you could say "civil rights and liberties" cover that. but you'd have to really, really stretch.
i've already amended the survey. marked it up.

seriously, the democrats want my vote but they refuse to acknowledge my existence? hell to the mother-fucking no. they couldn't even pretend to give a damn. this, ladies and gentlemen, is the party who wants to be your party. this is the party that wants to pretend it's different from the republican party. this is the party who doesn't really give a damn.

maybe it's better they don't give off false hopes and illusions. look at what they like to do with abortion: acknowledge it and sweep it under that antique heirloom inherited from great great grand-daddy rug.

i was supposed to return the survey within 72 hours with my check or money order.
it hasn't yet self-destructed and i'm not even including 2 pennies, lest they get any ideas.

but i have a letter pending. )
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apparently, falwell has decided teh gays do deserve to work and have shelter, after all. just not in his backyard.

Jerry Falwell Has Gay Epiphany
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

(Lynchburg, Virginia) The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who once blamed gays and feminists for 9-11, now says he supports basic civil rights for gays and lesbians - but with conditions.
of course there are conditions. what did you expect? yes, the rest of the story is within. click to be educated. )

i suppose i'm supposed to be happy and start turning cartwheels.
fuck that, i say. have i ever mentioned that i despise hrc? no. no. no. no. i will NOT be grateful for such bullshit. a pox on both men.
and i never knew that the right to housing was an "american value". never mind, i've been working in the homeless systems of nyc for three years. (where "shelter" is a guaranteed constitutional right, in theory, and seen women sent back to their batterers, despite orders of protection/restraining orders, so they can "work it out"... or something.) i must just be slow.
and recruiting? how can this man ignore the severe social pressures placed on people to adopt "straightness"? i'm not talking ex-gay brainwashing, but the heterosexual normative that so permeates falwell's "america". if anyone does recruiting, it's the hets, not the homos.
oh well, i have a (metaphorical. not literal.) terrorist group to join so that i can further destroy falwell's america.
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i went out last night and had my phone number solicited by a clown. clown, as in the person came in wearing big shoes < insert joke here > , clown suit, make up, etc. after changing into street clothes, said clown gave me a blue balloon poodle.

after the clown left, this led to a discussion regarding the gender and sexuality of all clowns, in general.

so i take the questions to you, dear readers:

[Poll #525595]

by HONEST i don't mean what you think is the best / most proper answer - but what is your knee-jerk image that comes to your mind.

this poll is also, in lesser part, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] ggdsbuckeye's post regarding stereotypical americans.
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Court Strikes Down Equal Benefits law

Manhattan A state appeals court yesterday struck down the city's equal benefits law, which barred thecity from doing businses with companies that provide benefits for employees' spouses but not for their gay* domesetic partners. The Supreme Court's Appelalte Division ruled 5-0 that the statute, Local Law 27 of 2004, was illegal because it "runs afoul" of state laws by imposing more conditions on competetive bidders for munincipal contracts. AP.

Metro 3/16/05


* i don't remember the "gay" part being inherent for the domestic partner part.

EDIT to let mayor bloomberg know what an ass awesome leader he is, call 311* (in NYC) 212-new-york (639-9675 - outside new york).
mail: hon m.r. bloomberg
city hall
nyc, ny 10007
i'd give you the email/website but nyc.gov is currently requesting i "log in", even to "contact them". 311 has no idea how i can address this, except writing a letter and sending it usps.

*be prepared to have to call back if the person is a bit too...special... to understand your request.
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recently, i told [livejournal.com profile] brienf about an article i remembered reading in which a judge threw out tom cruise's lawsuit where the actor was suing someone for stating he (cruise) was a gay. the judge's logic was that to accept such a lawsuit would be to accept there was something defamatory about being gay.
I CAN'T FIND IT. i swear, i didn't dream this one up. and i'm trying to figure it out.
in the meantime, however, all i can find are articles from his "wins" in 2001 and 2003. in 2003 he was awarded TEN MILLION dollars because some gay "erotic wrestler" claimed to have had an affair with him.

now how, praytell, is the stamp of heterosexuality worth 10 mil-lion dollars?

and why must this actor be so insecure that he runs around suing anyone who calls him the gay? really, there are worse playground names to be called than for someone to claim you're a homosexural. cruise says he's trying to protect his "reputation". say what? ahhh. so rather than attempt to fight the homophobia permeating hollywood, you want to cash in on your (supposed?) "straight rights"? rather than teach the ignorant it's ok to be gay, you'd perpetuate the myth that it's BAD.

fuck that. why must we put up with this shit? oh.. right, he's against AIDS. he can't possibly suck that much.
grrrrr. so much for the liberal hollywood elite. . .

2003 article (with added commentary) . HE'S NOT GAY!!11! )
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feel free to vote early. and vote often.

[Poll #381651]
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fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck

i never meant i wanted the entire nation to turn into one giant extension of kansas.

in other news, i hear ireland is hiring social work jobs. . .

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