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i am supposed to be writing a 15-page paper that has something to do with idenityish stuff (sexuality, disability, race, gender, class, trauma, immigration: whatever.) and family and theoretical approaches and, yeah.

i can't even stay content on the base topic.

i realllllllllly wanted to do queer. but social work world doesn't have a lot of writing on "queer". i thought maybe bisexual? ~ more, but not as much as would make for a good paper. i have one article that talks about the experiences of gay men, lesbians, gay women (because women-identified folk tend to get uppity about their sexual identity labels more so than men-identified folk), and bisexuals (who get no sex/gender identity label attached to them so therefore don't have a gender?)

in and of itself, this paucity is its own rant paper.

but that's not the goal. the goal is to write, damnit. and research, too. despite having a college that is part of the city's uni system, of which i am a part, a whole block away from my apartment, i'm not that interested right now in paying money to leave my bedroom and photocopy journal articles. (if they actually had an article that sounded like i might fall in love with it, this might be a different story. as it is, they barely have any journals that i might be vaguely interested in perusing.)

so, for now, i am exploring via online journal articles family violence in the lgbt/q context. this may or may not shift away and go back to lgbtq parents. i'm not really keen on lgbt/q youth experiences because i don't trust youth survey responders (i've been one and i know too well the joys of having the capacity to fuck with the data of people you know don't give a damn about you) and i trust the researchers even less. (see experiences of being a youth respondent. my opinion hasn't changed that much. i know i'm not being fair (or even logical). but whatev. i didn't say i lived in rationality-world.)

also~ [livejournal.com profile] starkyld posted new york times's latest woe-are-the-rich article about how families are moving from one rich part of town to another to get into an even better school district, since private schools might be unaffordable in this economy.
if i get bored enough tomorrow,i may come back and ramble some thoughts on education and budgets and race and class and whatnot. tl;dr preview: equal education is still a laughable myth.

today i have only but so much time since i'm going to my n-vagina monologues show in the evening.

papers still don't write themselves.

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