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so, my place of employment is having a "chinese auction" * think white elephant
last year when i questioned the game's name, i was told to shut up and stop being so sensitive.
that was under a slightly more forgiving regime.

i gave a chinese tea or dish set of some sort, procured in chinatown.

this year, i think i still want to participate, but i don't know what to give.
gift item needs to be in the $15-20 range, NOT to exceed $20.

random things to consider:

*i'm not sure if everyone participating will be over the age of 21.
*in addition to being the Crazy one (la loquilla), the Liberal one, the Sensitive one, the Non-straight one, the Healthy Eater, and the Feminist, i'm also the White Girl from Wisconsin.
*the love between my coworkers and myself is less than notorious. (for those of you recently tuning in.)
*i work near the wholesale district = cheap bulk goods + perfumery.
*i have a penchant for being obnoxious at times.

[Poll #404116]

so, i ask you.... what should this dear, sweet, worker bee give as a gift?

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May. 6th, 2003 11:14 pm
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i need to get my fresh lively bitter psyche back.
i need to get a l o t of things back, actually
though, now, i'm not so sure what that means.
and i'm sooo fucking tired constantly.

there are a number of culprits.
who they are, don't really matter.
but THE ORGANIZATION is one of them.
and probably the main culpirt.*
(there's a very sadly ironic story behind this latest bitterness.)
in the meantime, i continue my plot to escape to wisconsin (and minnesota) to see the select lucky ones.
i have just too much wisconsinality.

in the meantime. the raging continues.

while out carousing for new comics, on saturday, i did actually pay for some as well. i picked up a nauty bits, because it is my favoritist in the world. the rage. the anger. the bitter bitchiness. . . the woman's my hero.
i need a new issue to be put out already. prayers to jeebus for such.
and then there's this uber kewl graphic novel called cuckoo by a woman with dissociative identity disorder (aka multple personality disorder), depicting her history/experiences. highly receommnended.

i'm such a dork.

though, this was utterly foolish considering the present state of monetary affairs.
so, i guess that also makes me such a moron.

oh, and saturday, the JW's returned. they weren't interested in saving my soul though because i am not a spanish family. they always come before 11am. it's saturday do they not realize saturday mornings are sacrosanct?
but at least i was up.

* my apologies to my dear readers who are forced to endure the same whining of mi trabajo, that those who peruse the journals of these crazy kids and their hatred for their high school life, must endure.
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i have next to no money.
it was like 77 degrees yesterday.
my allergies are seriously kicking my ass.
i have no real shades to protect my fragile little eyes from the garish rays of the goddamned morning sun.
i also have no a/c as of yet.

this is summer. and it's only april???? it's not even summer yet.

ok, i'm done with the self pity for another 5 minutes.
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i made it through my first day of my new job. i'm liking it. it would be better for me if i can get my sleep regulated.
melatonin ain't doing its job.

i don't have to work on friday as previously thought. so, i'll get an early start on catching up on sleep.
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so, hopefully not to jinx my lovely little self...
but, from the looks of things, as of monday (yes, this coming monday, the 17th), i will be working a "day" shift "upstairs" as a real, live caseworker. (as opposed to a fake, dead caseworker, i suppose.)

so, i'm chirpy. not as chripy as i was earlier, since my wind has started winding down, but give me some time and the sails will start flowing again soon enough. which is good, since i was starting to give myself a headache.

this change, of course, means i just might be able to accomplish as close to a social life as i ever might be able to accomplish.
i'm not too sure what that means.
but i'm sure it means something.


(so i'm lame. what can i say? i never denied being anything but.)
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i just didnt want to include this with the previous entry, which could have led up to a headache. i would have done it first, from work, but it seems as though the server at work is down indefinitely.

but, somehow, yesterday, amidst my woe-ing, i completely failed to recall the existence of the trusty frosty.

especially since i'm beginning to wonder if i i'm ever going to see my shamrock shake. people just dont know a good thing.

but i made the trek and got my frosty. i could have introduced more people to it, but was too selfish.

why am i spending so much time dicussing food?

i'm still crossing my toes in hopes of moving on to bigger and better positions. wednesday will mark my 6 month anniversary with my beloved employer. i've just realized i shouldn't mention the name until i go back and reread the contract for my soul that i signed with them.
i think if i give them a bad name, they can boot my sorry ass to the curb.
i kind of like my ass away from the curb, thank you.
so, we'll keep it like this for now.

i've noticed, today especially, that not only has my patience level increased, but the point at which i even need to feel patient, has also increased. just smile and nod. i don't know if this is natural (for me), so i'm fearing a mental break down somewhere down the line.

snap. crackle. pop.

damnit, food again.

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