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dan savage wrote an article in the nytimes about how scary he considers arkansas's anti-adoption/fostering law to be.

please answer before reading the article:

[Poll #1295817]
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i've been back on a personal-writing-journal-roll. who knew that all i had to do was (start to) fire the damnable therapist? [tuesday's my last day, even though i don't officially have anyone new lined up. i had one hopeful prospect, but at $100 discounted bucks per session . . . i don't know. yes, i can get reimbursed eventually from the insurance, but that means involving the insurance.]


sex abuse-related discussion/poll behind the cut. )

6 months

Jul. 16th, 2005 12:03 pm
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to drag up an old cliche, your doctor has just told you that you have 6 months to live.

[Poll #533707]

feel free to share the why/s of your decision in the comments.

to the best of my knowledge, i have not and will not be hearing any such information from (any of) my doctor(s).

eta: i changed my response to be more honest.
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i went out last night and had my phone number solicited by a clown. clown, as in the person came in wearing big shoes < insert joke here > , clown suit, make up, etc. after changing into street clothes, said clown gave me a blue balloon poodle.

after the clown left, this led to a discussion regarding the gender and sexuality of all clowns, in general.

so i take the questions to you, dear readers:

[Poll #525595]

by HONEST i don't mean what you think is the best / most proper answer - but what is your knee-jerk image that comes to your mind.

this poll is also, in lesser part, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] ggdsbuckeye's post regarding stereotypical americans.
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hillary clinton sent me a donor card today.
i have not now, nor have i ever, directly donated money to a clintonian campaign.

apparently, she’s republican enemy number 1.

so, i ask you,

[Poll #509665]

you do not have to be a u.s. resident/a patriotic american/a voter, etc. to respond to this poll.
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with the debate still raging over terri schiavo's life, i bring you this poll regarding your own wishes.
feel free to add any extra commentary.

cut for uber-sensitivity purposes )
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ok folks, so i've decided to jump on the bandwagon and make me a community. (i have to do something with all my time if i'm not going to be in skool. i'd prefer it if that something doesn't involve [livejournal.com profile] feminist.)

my plot is to create a queer news community for sharing and discussion of news, etc. articles. at present, it will be open across the board.

however, i am working on rudimentary rules to keep riffraff out.

i'm hoping for at least one extra mod, particularly since my internet access is so limited.
::glares at particular someone::

so, first, i look to you for guidance.

[Poll #432596]

i know gay_news already exists in syndication. i want something with room for discussions/debates/etc.
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the ny blood center's been calling me every day again. i answered it for a change. contrary to my most preferred poll results, i told them the truth- i'm getting over infections that i took antibioitics for.
call again later.

i think i got suckered because he started off the request by telling me i helped 5 people last time and they're really i need now because of this weather.

so, tell me lj-world, how much of a poseur am i?

[Poll #427425]

feel free to elaborte. etc.
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this will go down on your permanent record.

[Poll #423591]
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so, my place of employment is having a "chinese auction" * think white elephant
last year when i questioned the game's name, i was told to shut up and stop being so sensitive.
that was under a slightly more forgiving regime.

i gave a chinese tea or dish set of some sort, procured in chinatown.

this year, i think i still want to participate, but i don't know what to give.
gift item needs to be in the $15-20 range, NOT to exceed $20.

random things to consider:

*i'm not sure if everyone participating will be over the age of 21.
*in addition to being the Crazy one (la loquilla), the Liberal one, the Sensitive one, the Non-straight one, the Healthy Eater, and the Feminist, i'm also the White Girl from Wisconsin.
*the love between my coworkers and myself is less than notorious. (for those of you recently tuning in.)
*i work near the wholesale district = cheap bulk goods + perfumery.
*i have a penchant for being obnoxious at times.

[Poll #404116]

so, i ask you.... what should this dear, sweet, worker bee give as a gift?

*  )
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hey look, another really awesome cool poll for your enjoyment! )
if only because you're all so super!
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feel free to vote early. and vote often.

[Poll #381651]

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