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Stab victim says attack gang 'hated men'


An oxygen tube pumping air into his lungs, the 28-year-old man allegedly beaten and stabbed in the West Village by a gang of petite lesbians described the attack yesterday from his hospital bed.
"They hated men," Wayne Buckle said from the intensive care unit of Saint Vincent's Hospital Manhattan. "I think it would have been any man and not just me."

Still shaken by Friday's terrifying assault, Buckle, an independent filmmaker from Queens, said he felt he was the victim of a bias attack.

"It was a hate crime against a straight man by a ton of lesbians," he said. "This is what the world is coming to."

Several witnesses and police sources said Buckle sparked the attack by spitting on a 19-year-old lesbian after she rejected his advances outside the IFC movie theater on Sixth Ave. near W. Third St. He also allegedly cursed the woman, Patrice Johnson, using gay slurs.

Johnson and six of her friends - all lesbians from New Jersey - pounced on Buckle at 2 a.m., whipping him with belts before Johnson stabbed him repeatedly in the belly with a 4-inch serrated steak knife, authorities said.

Buckle was bleeding badly after the attack. He suffered multiple stab wounds to his stomach, and his face was bruised.

The seven suspects were arraigned early yesterday on charges of attempted murder, assault and gang assault. They were ordered held on $50,000 cash bail or $150,000 bond.

His eyes swollen, Buckle was hooked up to a respirator yesterday. He denied that he had provoked the attack and insisted he was not homophobic.

"All I said was, 'Excuse me, how are you doing?' like a gentleman," he said. "I thought it was the natural thing to do."


the IFC theater is in the big gay greenwich village.
the differences in reality are amazing, but not surprising.
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late lj-cut for sex-abuse because i'd rather be overcautious than under. )

anonymous replies accepted in comments. on my honour, i will not look up ip addresses. (i'm too mind-numbed to figure out how to turn the things off for one post.)
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it would seem as though my man hunting license up and expired while i was sleeping.
this leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

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dear feminist mens:

thank you ever so much for being men and feminists! you all deserve cookies; i will soon return to the kitchen and bake for you. you have my undying gratitude. i'm ashamed of anyone who would make you feel bad. that women-folk would even think about asking you to be quiet and let women talk -thus creating a "safespace" - no matter how brief the timespan, is nothing short of stupid.

i apologize that there are those evil(man-hating-hairy-lesbianic, etc.) feminists who think that maybe you shouldn't be leaders of The Movement. they're just bitter. all this reverse sexism makes no sense, i'll tell you what. and besides womens need to be taught a lesson as to how to talk back. it's their fault if they don't!

we can talk about privilege all we want. that doesn't matter. privilege is as priviledge does. what matters is keeping you guys interested. i don't want any of you to feel ignored; we need your penii lest we perish! we must fight the oppression of the almighty penis at all costs!

also-feel, before i forget, free to mock woman-kind all you want. making fun of a disadvantaged group, of which you are not a part, is perfectly fine. anyone who says anything to the contrary is only trying to oppress you further.


a concerned feminist (who isn't one of *those* feminists)

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