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happy mother's day... a day (in the USA) originally designed to promote peacemongering and is now a day to send a card. so how about everyone have a fantastic day, regardless of your relationship to motherhood and/or your mother?

and spend a moment thinking about those mothers and children (grown or young) who cannot be together today because of illness (physical or mental), disownment, imprisonment, employment, distance, governmental separation, death, or any other reason.

and if you have a good relationship with a mother-figure in your life, by all means, enjoy that today and for all the tomorrows in the future.

but i'd also wanted to include the added mention that not everyone wants to be a mother. and not everyone wants to be pregnant. (the two are not necessarily the same thing.) some people want to be a mother to many children. and others exist on spectrums in-between.
ultimately it's up to the individual woman - including her choice in whether or not to allow someone else to participate in the decision making processes.


Feb. 16th, 2013 12:08 am
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my OMG 20 YEAR OLD nephew is graduating the marines in March.  I've been reviewing the boot camp web page.

i'm not sure which i'm finding more annoying. the invisibility of female marines in the incessant male pronouns. (i know, i know) or the terrible lack of copy editing (e,g, "personal affects", "you're room", etc.) on the website.
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ED: i really love the link attached to "family members"....

Visiting family warps your brain, study say
Research may even help explain why our relatives can drive us nuts
by Jennifer Viegas

Visiting — or even just viewing photos of family members — prompts brain activity that affects how you feel about them, your friends, and even yourself, a new study suggests.

The study is the first to compare brain activity associated with seeing relatives with that linked to seeing friends and strangers. It suggests our feelings about biological relatives are at least somewhat primal.

The findings may help explain everything from why our family can get on our nerves to why people who look like us can spark immediate feelings of trust, "but not lust," said Steven Platek, who co-authored the study with Shelly Kemp.

"We like to be around people that look more like us, but we do not find them as sexually attractive," added Platek, editor-in-chief of the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience. "I think it is linked to our subconscious ability to detect facial resemblances so we avoid lusting after those that may be related to us."

For the study, the researchers performed MRI brain scans on test subjects viewing images of biological relatives, friends, strangers, themselves and various morphed images

The scientists found that relatives and self-lookalikes are processed through a self-referential part of the brain. Friends and strangers who look nothing like the viewer, on the other hand, light up entirely different areas of the brain, those linked to making important and risky decisions with respect to the self.

The findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Neuropsychologia.

Platek and Kemp also found that the brain ranks everyone socially, with relatives at the head of the line.

"I think facial resemblance is ranked right up there in importance with attractiveness," Platek said.

Since relatives are processed through areas of the brain linked to self-reference, the study could also help to explain why relatives cause us to take things personally. While we may tolerate a friend's loud laughter or snoring, for example, we may have less patience with a relative because we judge them similarly to how we judge ourselves.

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so, my niece and nephew are disappointed in me because their father told them i don't think we should go to war.

he's right. i don't.

they, the kids, think we should go to war to kill saddam.
saddam is bad because he's mean to his people and wants to kill us americans and also was inovlved in the Terrorist Atacks.

apparently, we are only bombing places saddam was or might be so that we can kill him.
we aren't apparently bombing any innocent people.

they know this is true because they saw it on the news.

on another note,
my nephew thinks, we should take saddam and put him on an island and occassionaly give him a pig.
we're not sure what he's supposed to do with that pig.

i like the island idea. especially with the pig thing.

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