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that divorce from feminism?

still on.

i should have done it last year, even before the full frontal feminism (/yes means yes) debacle, and saved myself a lot of heart and headache.

this isn't just about seal press (again) or amanda (again) or hillary supporters (again) or the loss of WoC from the blogosphere (again), though all these contribute.

there are times when i feel like i've lost a lover, who was never really all that good for me, but was good enough so that i could pretend. and i miss the companionship more than i miss hir, because there was something that resembled comfort in that companionship.


and the funny thing is, it was a woman of color who convinced me to take on the feminist label with pride.

back then, i was too quagmired in Whiteness to honestly say i remember that the racism incredibly offended me, but the class issues did. i remember the "silliness" of wasting energy on "wymyn". i forget what other objections i had... at the time, i wasn't so much opposed to abortion as "not so much for" it. .... but i believed in abortion's place by then, even if "i would never have one".

i've commented elsewhere to the effect that the internets have taught me a lot about feminism.
i've also commented that if it weren't for the internets, i'd have a lot more respect for feminism and would still be slapping the label on myself..."hi, my name is r~, and i am a feminist!".


maybe. maybe not.
i've been in crowds of white feminists and the self-centricisty can be tiring.

i don't know. the entire history of feminism as a movement is made up of white women doing The. Same. Exact. Things. that they are fighting against the mens doing. the way to fighting Oppression is not to become the Oppressor, but it's such an easy trap to walk into. there's the illusion of power there. and Ignorance really can be bliss if it means not having to own one's own (collective or individual) shit.

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