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trolling around the internets, i was reminded why i rarely contribute to ~~awareness campaigns, (and i when i do, it's almost always to a specific friend's fund raising efforts.)

these campaigns are frequently more about awareness than about change. and when it is about change, it's not always sthe change i seek.

who knows a woman who *doesn't* know she should occasionally check her boobies for lumps? i sure don't.
but, ok, i've know several lesbians who've blown off paps because they have deemed themselves not at risk*. (not that i hear as much about have you had your pap-lately? campaigns.)
but regardless, should you go in for a free mammogram or pap test, but you don't have insurance... and follow up is needed. then what?
you now have a pre-existing condition (which some insurances won't cover). that's what.
which can leave that cure, the cure you may have contributed to, just outside of your reality.

so i can send my money off to find a cure/relief for a limited section of of the population, really?

oh, but right. socialism is bad! choice is good! o_O.

oh, health insurance parity, why must you be so elusive?

then there's the bigger notion that a lot of awareness campaigns contribute to stigma as well. OMG ___ is scary. let's get find a way to get ride of it! give us money to do so!. it's hard to do this without the othering factor, especially with regard to conditions more apparent at birth/in childhood.

while it happens sometimes, you don't see stop treating people with ___ differently. it's not that hard to try accepting everyone! let's try to get some accommodations in place! very often.
you have the jerry lewises who ignore that not everyone wants a cure, nevermind the condescension, who get more media play. (hell, jerry got an award for being so noble.)

but i suppose everyone is supposed to want "normal" brains and "normal" bodies. (whatever "normal" means.)
and if they don't want such, they're going to get it. and they're going to like it.
and screw the concept that common =/= normal.

*(actually i've read of gyn's saying the same... which ..wtf? really? nevermind that not all patients who come in are honest about their histories, for many reasons. toys can very much spread STIs. also, sometimes gyn concerns *just happen*. and without detection, and treatment, they get worse.)
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check it from [livejournal.com profile] pedentic_cat:

and, while i'm happy to see hpv awareness (i hesitate to use the term "visibility", cuz, well, i'm not so sure that that *is* a good thing), i am not happy to note the continued lesbian invisibility. while, yes, dykes are low-risk, those who have sex are still "at risk". AND because so many lesbians, and even some GYNs seem to think that there is ZERO chance for virii, including hpv, to be shared from woman to woman, MORE lesbians are at risk for the virus progressing.

i'm also not happy with the way woman's body's are segmented. and for the most part, rather pale skinned.

which means i need to tell Merck something/s. and they don't make it easy.

also, while the site says it is for residents of "the United States, its territories, and Puerto Rico only", i can pretty firmly assure you, NONE of the strains of HPV are US-Centric. (I am not sure what they're getting at by singling PR out.)

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a lot has been said about how to prevent rape.
women should learn self-defense. women women should lock ourselves in their houses after dark. women shouldn't leave drinks unattended. fuck, they shouldn't dare to get drunk at all.

instead of that bullshit, how about (as seen from [livejournal.com profile] peaceofpie) with a few minor additions, how to *really* stop rape (may be triggering) behind your frienly neighborhood lj-cut )

go forth and spread the message.

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