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dear internal organs:

look, we go through this every year. i cannot control the weather. really, i can't. throwing tantrums and causing me pain will not change this fault of mine. The Weather doesn't give a damn - so, please, again, stop it.

honestly, i shit you not, we'll have a better life together if only you listen to me.

you know how much i hate the medicine. it's not my fault if the humidity gets over 50%. you know, it can't rain unless the humidity breaks. so why are you making me over-take OTC drugs just to maintain some semblance of reality?

just stop it, pretty please with non-dairy/non-soy whipped cream and an organic cherry on top.

k, thx. i promise to continue to shake my fist at the garish sun, just for you.

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check it from [livejournal.com profile] pedentic_cat:

and, while i'm happy to see hpv awareness (i hesitate to use the term "visibility", cuz, well, i'm not so sure that that *is* a good thing), i am not happy to note the continued lesbian invisibility. while, yes, dykes are low-risk, those who have sex are still "at risk". AND because so many lesbians, and even some GYNs seem to think that there is ZERO chance for virii, including hpv, to be shared from woman to woman, MORE lesbians are at risk for the virus progressing.

i'm also not happy with the way woman's body's are segmented. and for the most part, rather pale skinned.

which means i need to tell Merck something/s. and they don't make it easy.

also, while the site says it is for residents of "the United States, its territories, and Puerto Rico only", i can pretty firmly assure you, NONE of the strains of HPV are US-Centric. (I am not sure what they're getting at by singling PR out.)


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