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having just once again utilized the above icon, and avoiding a revising of a paper and the writing of a handful of potential posts, i ask:

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howard dean sent me a survey earlier last week. it was supposed to be for the democrats in "the Brooklyn area", whatever that means. they want grassroots support for "our Party's agenda".

dean's letter was addressed "dear fellow democrat".
now, i could pretend that this is a whole family-name confusion thing. (my grandmother, up until she died, had been democratic chairperson for our region of Wisconsin.) but that would be an awful lot of pretending.

i made sure to ammend the survey to state that i'm not a democrat. never have been. never will be. damnit.

the survey didn't ask my race. or my sex. or my gender. or my age. or my date of birth.
maybe they already Know.

also starkly lacking was any mention of Queer related issues. well, maybe if you want to stretch, you could say "civil rights and liberties" cover that. but you'd have to really, really stretch.
i've already amended the survey. marked it up.

seriously, the democrats want my vote but they refuse to acknowledge my existence? hell to the mother-fucking no. they couldn't even pretend to give a damn. this, ladies and gentlemen, is the party who wants to be your party. this is the party that wants to pretend it's different from the republican party. this is the party who doesn't really give a damn.

maybe it's better they don't give off false hopes and illusions. look at what they like to do with abortion: acknowledge it and sweep it under that antique heirloom inherited from great great grand-daddy rug.

i was supposed to return the survey within 72 hours with my check or money order.
it hasn't yet self-destructed and i'm not even including 2 pennies, lest they get any ideas.

but i have a letter pending. )
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hillary clinton sent me another money request. (update: i sent her an unlaminated (too much added cost. i now have the laminating supplies, however) $1 bill.)

this time, she included a "survey".

portions of survey below. trust me, you really do (not) want to peek )

umm yeah.

my survey is full of added writing. minimal cursing. she stated in the current letter, "you can't let the opposition set the terms of the debate". um. abortion is what?
tell me again, ms. clinton, your precise stance on universal human rights?

If you are one of the millions of Americans who are saying, "no one's listening to me," and if you believe the Bush Administration and its allies in Congress have turned a deaf ear to the issues that are important to you, now is the time to help us change things.

change is what?

she wants money, again. and a laminated piece of change or two* is what she can expect to receive.

*kudos to [livejournal.com profile] brienf for the inspiration.

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