Feb. 16th, 2013 12:08 am
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my OMG 20 YEAR OLD nephew is graduating the marines in March.  I've been reviewing the boot camp web page.

i'm not sure which i'm finding more annoying. the invisibility of female marines in the incessant male pronouns. (i know, i know) or the terrible lack of copy editing (e,g, "personal affects", "you're room", etc.) on the website.
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so bicycle roots...TADA~

i'd given bicycle roots money for a deposit to reserve a bike for me while i made up my mind. if i changed my mind, i could always put those funds toward a helmet and lock.... i ended up after some store visiting and bike riding to settle on the first bike. but, because i hadn't ridden it outside and only in the store, i needed to give it a live test cruise around the neighborhood.

again, i got there the first follow up time after checking out the jumble and another store whose name doesn't deserve to be repeated. the store manager brought out a bike and it was ridculously awkward. i had no idea why or how i had liked it so much the last time. the height was awkward. it was less smooth. and just looked off. i'd ridden the bike around the store the last time i was there. this didn't feel right.

it turned out, it was different.(THANK YOU CAMERA PHONE!) we figured out that somehow, when the deposit was being applied, it was applied to the wrong bike. so the note to hold my bike was ignored and it was taken to the jumble. this meant having to come back another day. it also meant, my bike was still safe and sound somewhere.

annoying, but this is where customer service makes or breaks the experience.

had the staff even approached the level of arrogance of other stores, it would have been a wrap. but they were apologetic and owned their responsibility. yes, i could have micro-responded to make sure the codes on my receipt meant what they were supposed to mean, but why? i don't always want to be That Customer.

the next day, i had a migraine. between balanceyness and dislike for the world i opted agaisnt heading over and wasting everyone's time. I moseyed over the following day instead. they sorted out the mix up. i took it out for a street ride. and it was great.

so, yes. i was annoyed at the mix-up. but the atmosphere lacked the hipster-arrogance. at every other point of my visits, i was treated with respect and given helpful assistance. the same store manager guided me through the steps of figuring out which helmet to buy. she easily could have guided me to the 80$ one, but let me know the $40 one was probably actually better for my needs and desires. I wanted something to help me carry groceries or what not. the front basket or the rear rack? i ended up with the rack for several reasons including greater permanence.

and OMG, when the mechanic cut the seat down to satisfy my neuroses, he included the extra marking to alert me not to try to wedge the seat in further (the markings are standard on seats.)

so the pretty little silver machine was ready to go and i rode it home.

i don't know. i'm happy. i still need to lightify it so i can legaly and safely ride at night. the rack needs to be attached so i can bring home books from the library. (biking there is sooooo much easier than subwaying it.)

the bike again

pictures of helmet, etc. will just take longer for this to get posted....

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
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about a week and a half ago (Sept. 8) I went to the Fall Brooklyn Bike Jumble, think flea market, but all for bike stuff. While it was a lot of bike parts for folks who want to build their own frankenbike, there were new bikes and accessories. I picked up a kryptonite multi lock (my words, it's a u-lock with cord) on sale from zen bikes. John, the owner, tossed in a reflective slap bracelet for my pants leg.

I am all about cheap thrills and the bracelet definitely meets that criteria. there was more unfortunately, my would-be bike was there. something i didn't find out until i went back to bicycle roots. but that's a different story.

the experience was definitely worth the trek. the day turned out to be nice, after the tornado had touched down on the other side of brooklyn.

i think my yelp review encapsulates my feelings about R&A Cycles, so I'm just going to plagiarize myself. it was on the way from the jumble to bicycle roots so i figured i'd stop in and check them out:

They didn't completely ignore me. Having experienced ruder, I can't in all honesty say they are *the* rudest. But in a city, even a borough, with so much competition, why give [my] money to a place that clearly doesn't care about its customers?

They didnt really seem to care if I shopped or didnt. Plus, when I asked for a test ride, they agreed, but, when i requested one, said they don't offer helmets for that. (Hello, you are already holding onto my credit card, it's not like you can't charge me for anything if something happens.) All I want to do is bike in safety. Is taht really too much to ask? Considering the way my request was denied, R&A seems to think so.

so i left. there had been a pretty brown 3 speed schwinn for a little less than the globe, but i took into considerationi the physical effort of getting there + the expected annoyance (especially based on fellow yelpers' reviews) it just din't seem wort it.

and then back at bicycle roots....(to be continued)
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previously 1
previously 2

I met up with Mike again and we grabbed a snack bark. then, went next door to ride brooklyn

They greeted me and were able to point out this  , no personal pic. i forgot :/ ); They lent me a helmet to cruise around the neighborhood and on the busy-busy street in the bike lane, down hill,,,,,
side noteL Schwinn is the bike of my youth memories. Getting bikes from police auctions*. (Recovered but not claimed, i guess. Maybe confiscated from drug dealers.. lol... ) so this one is around 350 and a single speed. I felt the lack of gear going up the slope back to the store.

Oh- I did capture a helmet to consider helmet. (See? price of safety the price of safety!) Not the helmet i borrowed, btw. That one was bulky and left my over-sensitive head heated.

Being that i was within walking distance of home, I walked back, making an independent stop at brooklyn bike and board; (it seems like someone forgot to pay their webpage bill!);Again, I was ignored, despite staff not being preoccupied with other customers. And, Again, nothing out that was particularly tempting to try out. I did grab the free bicycle routes of nyc map though.

which leaves me still meh. Spend a lot for a great bike? or spend a little on an ok bike

i know i'm behind, this one has been sitting needing a clean up.
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next stop(s): #Timee's Up's Bike Recycling Program with a not-so-special guest appearance by #landmark bicycles (ignore the address at the website.)

I'd gone to brunch with (the aforementioned) Mike and, since dining at http://www.clementinebakery.com/ I was mostly half way there, decided to continue my journey on to Time's Up and their deep-discount used bikes.  

So many bikes! All used and under $200. Bikes like this no-namer timesup-indigo.

pros/cons. let met tell you them.
On the one hand, it's a bit utilitarian. On the other, it's a bit tricked out. It has a kinetic-powered headlight (you pedal- it lights up. the inner elementary-gradeschool-science-geek/Homer Simpson is thrilled by this: "light goes on. light goes off").  an extra lock to the bike to keep the gears from moving if the key is removed. full chain guard (great for snowy-rainy days!). but single gear. which is meh when it comes to longer rides and hills. then again, check out that kickstand! 

the seat leaves a bit to be desired. the guy wasn't able to tell me if it was replaceable or not. (i have a spare seat at my house.) 

The ride up and down the block was smooth enough, through potholes and all. the location doesn't get the greatest amount of traffic. it's not super heavy. but not ultra-light, either. the kickstand/backrack make it a little lopsided in weight, but not terribly so. 

in case it wasn't clear: the guy running it didn't seem interested in answering questions. he's "not a sales guy, just a volunteer".  what makes this better than a new bike? i asked. his response, essentially, was that it avoided planned obsolescence and promptly started explaining what that meant. (lol - like apple stuff, you mean?, i asked but didn't get an answer) ... not quite douchey. but not exactly the listening sort.  tried to convince me i didn't have to worry about the bike being at risk of being stolen.

but under $200... so tempting!  and they have tons more like this. but the colour is kinda' cute.

I wanted to see more, and Landmark was only a few blocks away, so I said I wanted to ponder and would be back. 
I made my way to the other store. And here, I received no attention, not even a greeting. Not dressed to bike or lugging a helmet/chain with me, I didn't seem to matter. I tried making eye contact, but had my attempts avoided. (It was quiet enough, staff could be seen talking amongst themselves.) While I could have asked for help, I didn't see anything out in the open that I found particularly tempting in my price range to knock either the globes or the no-name out of contention. Yes, they had used, but it was "vitage", i.e. hipstery prices. So i left.

Back at Times Up, the guy appeared to have taken a break. I couldn't find him. So I hopped the bus to go home.  

August 26th
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for folks who missed the fb post, i'm looking to get myself a bike. it's the most convenient way to get around some parts of brooklyn. biking makes me happier than the idea of running. and chicks dig folks with bikes. So.

but it's hard work, yo! my friend Mike is helping me out with inspiration and while i started out thinking I'd yelp the process, he's convinced me to blog the ordeal. (My original plan was to yelp away the results. I'm sure I'll still do that. I've been neglectful of sharing my opinions there.)

only i'm too lazy to get a Real Blog just yet.

so el-jay. for now, it stays you and me and those making their way here.

First Stop: bicycle roots

It was sort-of on the way home from work because i took the long route and had to get off the subway, anyway, and it;s 2 blocks up from that stop. I'd been told by (other, mutual) friends that it was women owned and very friendly. And, indeed, it was friendly. Staff was able to make sense of what it was I was looking for. With a budget of around $500 (hello, credit card!) he suggested a globe

and  was able to show me this   globe silver side

silver frontand this one globe blue front

globe blue side. All the while not making me feel like an idiot and listening to me without pandering or over-selling. Despite the previously-given accolades, I was still braced for stuck-up gear-heads. If any were there, I didn't interact with them. The gears needed a little adjusting on the silver one, which they did easy-peasy.

Most days I lean toward the Silver One. The Blue One is nice, and more visually pleasing in some respects, and the handlebars offer more stability. (This may not be important to most, but the sidewalk/street and I have a rather special relationship of extra-curricular gravitational pulling.) But the Silver One, apparently, will be gentler on my body as i tackle hills and carry weight. Yet, the Blue One, comes with the rack already installed, but that also affects the weight. I need something that i can carry up a (steep) flight of steps after a ride.....so..... I rode them both around the store and they are smooth. I wasn't up for taking an out-side ride with traffic (sidwalking riding is illegal for 13+). So i definitely need to do that before making a final decision.

I put a deposit on the Silver One. Because even if I don't take it home, I still need a Good Lock and a Great Helmet, which, together, will be the cost of my deposit.

P.S. I am only screening comments from non-LJ friends to keep out the spambots. sorry in advance for the fake-in-text-links which are ads. globe and bicycle roots are the only ones that are real link-throughs.

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i am supposed to be writing a 15-page paper that has something to do with idenityish stuff (sexuality, disability, race, gender, class, trauma, immigration: whatever.) and family and theoretical approaches and, yeah.

i can't even stay content on the base topic.

i realllllllllly wanted to do queer. but social work world doesn't have a lot of writing on "queer". i thought maybe bisexual? ~ more, but not as much as would make for a good paper. i have one article that talks about the experiences of gay men, lesbians, gay women (because women-identified folk tend to get uppity about their sexual identity labels more so than men-identified folk), and bisexuals (who get no sex/gender identity label attached to them so therefore don't have a gender?)

in and of itself, this paucity is its own rant paper.

but that's not the goal. the goal is to write, damnit. and research, too. despite having a college that is part of the city's uni system, of which i am a part, a whole block away from my apartment, i'm not that interested right now in paying money to leave my bedroom and photocopy journal articles. (if they actually had an article that sounded like i might fall in love with it, this might be a different story. as it is, they barely have any journals that i might be vaguely interested in perusing.)

so, for now, i am exploring via online journal articles family violence in the lgbt/q context. this may or may not shift away and go back to lgbtq parents. i'm not really keen on lgbt/q youth experiences because i don't trust youth survey responders (i've been one and i know too well the joys of having the capacity to fuck with the data of people you know don't give a damn about you) and i trust the researchers even less. (see experiences of being a youth respondent. my opinion hasn't changed that much. i know i'm not being fair (or even logical). but whatev. i didn't say i lived in rationality-world.)

also~ [livejournal.com profile] starkyld posted new york times's latest woe-are-the-rich article about how families are moving from one rich part of town to another to get into an even better school district, since private schools might be unaffordable in this economy.
if i get bored enough tomorrow,i may come back and ramble some thoughts on education and budgets and race and class and whatnot. tl;dr preview: equal education is still a laughable myth.

today i have only but so much time since i'm going to my n-vagina monologues show in the evening.

papers still don't write themselves.
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as part of my preparation for tuesday, i am printing off my crib cheat sheet from smartvoter.org so i can annotate it.
i love that i can vote for my reps on the working party ticket and know that they will still be elected because they are also democratic candidates. cheap thrills, sometimes.

i'm a bit ambivalent about the proposition because OMGz, affirmative action bonus points to veterans! oh NOEZ. ok, i'm for it.

part of this prepping process means discovering the robing room... which is totally like ratemyprofessor.com, only, you know, for judges*. lolz. i love the internets. but, fuck, i can vote for everyone/thing else in my sleep. and these judges are important peeps. i know they want me to vote for 8 (of 9), but i don't see myself casting that many votes.

my first thought upon discovery was 'vengeance can now be mine!' Only, it's only for judges and not for referees, which means vengeance cannot be mine in many instances. fine. i do also plan on sending love to those judges who do not make my work life hell.
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0r why this week is good..

  • mr bush sent the money faerie to put $600 in my bank account. last week, my money situation was beyond pathetic. i still am not a fan of the man. and the money is going to pay of my debtors.

  • lehman college gave me 'early' acceptance to their msw program. i'm still waiting for hunter to say boo*.

  • my check card, which i thought had gone missing when i needed it this afternoon, was actually hiding in my other jacket's pocket.

*actually, because lehman's program (which will soon just be social work) is more rounded, i won't have to worry about deciding between group vs. community organizing vs. case work, as with hunter..... because lehman's does ALL OF THE ABOVE. note to those out of the loop: i HATE making decisions and my default decision making ploy is to simply choose ALL OF THE ABOVE.
true story.
however, lehman is further from my home. moving to live in the bronx would mean living, (mostly) working, and schooling in the bronx - soooo not interested in that. plus i like my apartment. but i'm still more likely to choose lehman, overall, even if given the choice. i think.

csa fun

Mar. 30th, 2008 11:44 am
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i went to a community supported agriculutre (CSA) conference yesterday....

it was good, but i left a bit underwhelmed.

i'd hoped to get some quick and easy recipes. i got a few pages of tips, but no concrete recipies. (i'm trying to motivate myself to get a farm share, but i can't be trusted with using up *that* many vegetables. especially in the drolls of summer. someday, i'll get over myself and actually be more proactive on the self-care front, this past winter i'd give myself a curved 80/85 on doing so.... but we'll see what july brings. right now, i'm debating between a share that's a mile from my house and not very transit friendly and one that's a mile from my current job (and next door to my old one) that is transit friendly. they both pick up at the same time, after work, and the second one allows pick up the next day.

but i want the brooklyn share because i want to encourage brooklyn love. the job one has been around for awhile, and while smack in the middle of affluence, the pick up site is in an SRO (single room occupancy) building. had i not waited so long, i could have gotten one closer to my house and been done with it. bah.

so, yes, i'm trying to find someone to share with me. i reached out to a former coworker who somewhat lives near me in brooklyn and works near the manhattan pick up site. she's vegetarian and tries to be eco-friendly, but... she's not yet sold. i may just make a CL post. but CL folk can be hit or miss in terms of flakeyness.

i hate making decisions)

so, the conference..... there was a least one workshop on how to get Them, poor/underserved populations, involved. but basing on when the subject came up as a sub-topic, i'm worried about the "othering" that is freqently so rampant when liberal white folks of privilege converge. the way to including is not by drawing lines. acting paternalistically helps nobody. i was wandering the display tables during the wine and cheese fest when i learned of the depths of the fruit cart dramas. i don't know. i think i'm always wanting more.

at the conference, they had soft paper plates and corn-based utensils and cups, which are biodegradable but rely on massive corn (over)production, and no separate garbage cans for any of it. apparently, supposedly, they were going to go through later and separate.

i hope they did.

the food tasted awfully like whole foods food. which is great and all, but not exactly note-worthy.

the entire day, nobody mentioned the earth hour. i had the tv on flipping through channels last night and that was the first i heard of it, and later when i went to play with the google they were promoting. i am confused.

but, still, if i can go to barnard's feminism conference for 5 years in a row, missing this year because i'm a space cadet, knowing my head is guaranteed to hit the desk at least once, i'm sure i'll go to back to the csa conference next year. barnard's conference last year on the prison industsry was the best of the five. the csa conference folks said this year was better than last. improvement is a good thing.

and i did pick up two new blogs to put on the occasional perusal list. folks attempting to pull off locavore experiments. 'no impact man' and leda meredith. so it couldn't have been all that bad.

p.s. i also won a farm aid 2006 t-shirt, 2xl kids size. it's very much done up guns & roses style. i am amused.

p.p.s. my phone has decided to be wonky and the ear speaker is not working. to talk on it, i have to use speaker phone. currently, i'm am potentially scheduled to be in the field all day on monday. i think this is a sign from someone i should give up on celling.


Dec. 16th, 2006 01:05 pm
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happy channukah, etc.

i can't believe december is over half over. the damnable weather isn't helping.

also, my body has been cranky lately. somedays, it has a hard time keeping up with me. which sucks. i need to get back on my fistful of vitamins regimine.

i'll be working on the 25th and going to DC for the new year with a friend.

yay for mini-escapes. though, damnit, DC will probably be warmer than here.
i'll need another one soon after, though.

is wanting a little bit of nip in the air too much to ask?

i seriously need to crack down on the shopping for christmas/holiday gifts. i'm such a damn slacker. i also need to mail out cards. even if you think i have your address and you want some sort of holiday card, give me your address. i have 2 boxes and may end up cracking down and getting a 3rd, depending on who all in the Real World i decide gets a card.

[Poll #890016]

shout outs

Sep. 26th, 2006 01:00 am
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banned book week is apparently upon us (thank [livejournal.com profile] flowed for the reminder ). . . and while my sentiments regarding banned book week are much the same as my sentiments regarding buy nothing day , which is roughly to say if you're going to sport a belief, it might be more effective to apply said belief year round and not just one day per year, i'm still ordering everyone to read at least one book, even if it's not on the list, in the next year.

really folks, take a look at [list from 1990-2000], it ain't that hard. and while some of the books probably deserve to be used to cover the bottom of some indoor animal cage, that's for you to decide. not the government. not some city or school council.

there used to be a meme that was a listing of banned books and which ones the surveyor had read. i'm sure it's still out there flitting around and will probably even appear in the near future (if it hasn't already). it's not presently been tagged in my history, if it was ever even posted here and not in comments, or i'd link to that, too.

but, anyway, yeah, read. it's good and good for you.

earlier, i went to the joint black rock coalition and willie mae rock camp for girls (/ women) benefit / black women singer-songwriters tribute concert.

it wasn't what i was expecting, but still, hotness.

the willie mae camp from all appearances is awesome. take girls from varied backgrounds and teach them to be rock stars, including instilling the confidence to know they always have been rock stars, even before they learned to bang the shit out of the drums and make love to their bass.

they need volunteers, folks, ::cough. cough:: hint. hint.
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1. in order to compensate for the madness that was the prior post, i offer you all this quote from lip magazine, in an interview with emi koyama (and others):
The word "gender"comes from the same root as "genre." If we could think of genders as different genres, like music or film, then we can have personal preferences around them without making any one genre more special than any others - and allow room for fusion of genres as well."

2. i <3 that magazine. i also endorse it.

3. pride weekend just passed. i was beyond thankful the weather was drippy and cool. the dyke march went well. i bypassed 95% of the Great Parade. the festival was simultanesously over- and under- whelming. see, some genius decided to move it to a narrower street which was quite claustrophbia-making. but, there seemed to be fewer orgs./sellers present. also, i think some went home early.

4. there were otherkin in the march. they stuck them at the end. i don't know if any furries were there.

5.. not only did bk pride have a wider street for the tables to push their wares, i also came home from there with a better "score" of info and safer sex paraphernalia. also, while i didnt make it this year, the brooklyn parade is alwasys less corporte. in short, bk pride, while smaller, is more fun. this is reason no. 527 as to why brooklyn is better.

6. if summer weather was like the weather over the weekend, i'd not hate summer. granted, i could do without quite so much rain, but not at the expense of exclusive sunshine.

7. summer movies are not impressing me much.

8. and how's your summer going?
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friday, i entered the world of modeling to don some raver wear. condompacket skirt? well, yes i looked hot. plus, i had an umbrella hat. all i have to offer is cameraphone pic, which is dark, but watch for it in a future post. maybe i'll remember who the fuck the designer was. (phil something from madison, wi.... there are ways of finding out.. maybe by the time i get the photo up.) fun times, except i have "problems" with too much stimulation. and got tired quickly. which really just means no more modeling raver wear for me! the orange nail polish was threatening to give me a migraine on the way home i got that overstimulated. i simply cannot afford that much drama. [note: and that was without the consumption of anything illicit. and the cider i had was drunk hours before.] also, some soprano guy was there. don't ask me whom or why. but, yeah, i'm such a new yorker now.

saturday... brooklyn pride. cozy and fun. i wandered the street. a (straight)coworker called and joined me, her boyfriend and his friend in tow. we wandered the strip. ... i was finally able to collect a healthy amount of dental dams. (ahhhhh, gotta love the de-prioritization of the womens....) and i signed up to join the hiv vaccine trial..... my fun times were cut short by a supposedly mandatory work meeting in brooklyn. which, yeah, i could have done without. then home to change for the lesbian art show-ball thing! (which means i missed the night parade : ( ) caught some awesome spoken word. and ivy bottini (early co-founder of NOW) was there to publicly speak. which would have been awesome enough, but after her were trapeze artists of sorts. HAWTness. also, ivy's a rockin' painter/artist. brooklynites, check her shit out at monster gallery on 4th @ president st. (you know.. over there by cattyshack) there's more about artists and their ... "eccentricities" here, but i'm too lazy and/or disengaged to get into it.

sunday... laziness. the sun was sunnying. my friend had spent the night on the trundle, so we went for brunch. (mmm grits.) we parted ways and i made my target run for toilet paper. because, apparently, that is my preferred t.p. store. i also finally got a picture frame for a pic of me, my southern brother, my little brother, and my dad from like 2 decades ago. now it can sit instead of hide in an envelope.
then went out for a walk in the sunny springy weather, but there was still shade and coolness. i returned a much overdo library book. wandered some more. breathed, because i could.

i'm getting so spoiled. thank you weather-makers for maintaining my sanity this fine june.
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while i was away, mail collected:

i'm not sure how nor why, but my pregnancy place seems to think i should be wanting to make babies. they think this so much that they will give me a "free pregnancy test and sonogram". they will also give me free ritz carlton spa massages. and, once i am in hypothetical labor, an ambulette from my door to the hospital. plus, if i deliver on the first of the month, i can win a $500 baby gap gift certificate. how do i know all this? they've sent me post cards on more than one occasion. and, while i love getting mail that doesn't ask me for money, i'm not sure this qualifies. oh, the beauty of direct marketing!

russ feingold* also sent me a letter. from middleton, wi to brooklyn, ny, he not only asks for money, but also to send back two form letters: one to the prez and one to the democrats.

read the letters here )

and them some ramblings )

also, i got more address labels, and envelope stikcers,too. yay for mailing fun! and a "keep abortion legal"sticker, if anyone wants it, let me know.

*wi state senator....mailing "not printed or mailed at tax payer expense"... wrting on behalf of the progressive patriots fund.
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pretty (evil)


see those spikes? they're jabbing into my lungs at this moment. jab. jab. jab. 'tis quite annoying.
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yesterday, i went to see macauley culkin read from his new book. yes, he has a book. and, i'd even gander to say it's not as tripey as other literary aspirations of actor-types. he signed my copy of junior. he only signed books, though.... and only that book..... nothing else. also, no personal pictures were allowed. this all makes me sad. that he read his excerpt like a high school freshman who printed his piece off the night before his speech assignment was due, made me sad as well.

part of all this is that i should have remembered just how close i was going to be to NYU. i always forget. i think i block its very existence from my memory. the chances of an nyu student annoying me are quite high. but, OMG though, the next time i'm in a crowd and i'm the most "NORMAL" person there, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. that's just not natural. lots of single middle aged men. crowing college-aged women. nervous and cranky woman with british accent. and just random.... Other People. and not that such descriptors automatically make a person "abnormal", but there's just something there. i don't know. maybe you had to be there to understand my discombobulation.

i pity poor mr culkin, really. he got flustered when we were Normaltm to him and didn't try to crowd on top of him. or treat him like an alien/circus freak. or tell him our life stories. or tell him about how great he was in that one scene of that one movie. or, even, profess our undying love for him.
okay. so maybe it was that our normal behaviour was, in fact, abnormal.

(oh the potential philosophical ramifications of this entire endeavor!)

which reminds me, happy purim everyone who wishes to be wished a happy purim.

and how, you may wonder, do i know to extend this wish?

because on certain corner of st. mark's in the e. village, i was confronted with the question "are you jewish?" on all four corners by young jewish men wearing suits and some of whom donning light-up baseball caps. (the light-up part distracted me from figuring out what the cap's decal actually was. though, i doubt i could have read it because it was, at least in part, appearing to be written in hebrew.)

contrary to apparent appearance, i am not jewish.
had i been jewish, i could have boarded the purim-mobile* to celebrate with my fellow-jews.
but i am not.
so they wouldn't let us on. so i didn't get to celebrate. and i was almost sad.
i could have lied, but a) that would be Wrong b) i'd have probably Outed myself by accident.

*i'm not entirely sure if this was on the side of this van/rv. however, there was a specific "purim mobile" crusing the general area.
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just becauase i don’t want to sell anything bought or processed or buy anything sold or processed or repair anything sold, bought, or processed as a career,

doesn't mean i can't process shit for fun )
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dear ye olde weather creator:

you do realize that the song is "i'm dreaming of a white christmas", right? it's not, "i'm dreaming of a wet christmas"... christmas celebrating may not be very high on my list of activities, but i do love a frollick in the freshly fallen holiday snow. it's a tad bit hard to do that when raindrops keep falling on my head.

ok, so maybe you thought that white christmas was some sort of skin colour thing? no. it's a snow thing. and by snow, i do mean frozen falling from the sky, snow. for real.

i know it's too late for this year. but maybe you could kinda' keep this in mind for next year? you've been doing pretty decently for most of the recent years, for that i'm ever so grateful. i'll even pray to jeebus for you.


rkt: (snowflake)
last night, around one am-ish, i heard jingling bells from somewheres outside.

santa still never made it to my apartment,

i was as good as i can be.
but i admit, i forgot to leave the cookies.

so i wonder:

[Poll #639993]

clearly, he was in the neighbourhood. what else could explain the bells? i KNOW what sleighbells sound like and them's were sleighbells. i'll probably have to bake cookies now just to keep myself from sobbing.

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