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i read the msn.com article on the supreme-court-abortion thing.

i kept reading the word scary in there, although nowhere does the word actually appear.

i'm just saying...

the 'scary' article for educational purposes only )

let me crawl under my desk and cry.

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i was going to plagiarize [livejournal.com profile] jadedjade's critique of brokeback mountain. it's her fault i have so much consciousness of this movie since it's a cowboy flick and i don't do cowboys. the story is beyond horrible in its prose - think harlequin, only without the romance, and none of the flair of zane.

but then i found this gay city news article instead.

before i carry on and share that, however, let me revert to fifth grade for just a few moments to point out that A.we are talking about a movie called brokeback mountain. which leaves much space for freudian/not-so freudian slips. B. we have a main character called ennis ahem del mar (which, for those of you not-so-literate in spanish translates to "of the sea") C. another character named Jack (insert word here) twist no, no innuendos there!.

ok, and on with the show.

article text behind this here cut. article does include 'spoilers' )

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a lot has been said about how to prevent rape.
women should learn self-defense. women women should lock ourselves in their houses after dark. women shouldn't leave drinks unattended. fuck, they shouldn't dare to get drunk at all.

instead of that bullshit, how about (as seen from [livejournal.com profile] peaceofpie) with a few minor additions, how to *really* stop rape (may be triggering) behind your frienly neighborhood lj-cut )

go forth and spread the message.
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the subject line reads: American Girl teams with pro-abortion, pro-lesb--n group

(because we all know LESBIAN is a 4-letter word.)
and OMG our girls might learn about their bodies! and "safe and effective birth control!" we can't possibly even consider allowing that, now can we?
heavens, no. and allow them to question their sexuality? well, now, we must lock them up and hide the key.

or not.
i am the italics.
American Girl teams with pro-abortion, pro-lesbian group
Dear Friend of the Family,

Possibly some of you have daughters who play with the American Girl dolls or read their books because only *daughters* play with dolls. You may even be thinking about buying a doll or books for Christmas because *everybody* celebrates xmas with full consumer style. Well, it turns out American Girl (owned by Mattel) is partnering with a group called Girls Inc.warning- they are of the devil to sell a bracelet, the "I Can" band, which financially supports Girls Inc. Seventy cents of every purchase goes to Girls Inc. The band is sold on the American Girl webpage with a large ad and a link to the Girls Inc. webpage. In addition, the webpage says American Girl is giving $50,000 to Girls, Inc.
there be information here )
and you thought target was bad!
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apparently, falwell has decided teh gays do deserve to work and have shelter, after all. just not in his backyard.

Jerry Falwell Has Gay Epiphany
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

(Lynchburg, Virginia) The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who once blamed gays and feminists for 9-11, now says he supports basic civil rights for gays and lesbians - but with conditions.
of course there are conditions. what did you expect? yes, the rest of the story is within. click to be educated. )

i suppose i'm supposed to be happy and start turning cartwheels.
fuck that, i say. have i ever mentioned that i despise hrc? no. no. no. no. i will NOT be grateful for such bullshit. a pox on both men.
and i never knew that the right to housing was an "american value". never mind, i've been working in the homeless systems of nyc for three years. (where "shelter" is a guaranteed constitutional right, in theory, and seen women sent back to their batterers, despite orders of protection/restraining orders, so they can "work it out"... or something.) i must just be slow.
and recruiting? how can this man ignore the severe social pressures placed on people to adopt "straightness"? i'm not talking ex-gay brainwashing, but the heterosexual normative that so permeates falwell's "america". if anyone does recruiting, it's the hets, not the homos.
oh well, i have a (metaphorical. not literal.) terrorist group to join so that i can further destroy falwell's america.
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ohhh, sweet jesus fuck.

ok, look people.

if you're going to have heterosexual sex, genearlly speaking, there is a chance the woman might get pregnant.

assume nothing about the beliefs/stances of your partner.


if you don't like the other person's stance, ask yourself if you really want to continue fucking that person.

in the end, a woman's choice is a woman's choice is a woman's choice.
how many times do i have to repeat this mantra?

the woman doesn't have to give a damn what the man wants: IT'S HER BODY.
she's completely in the right if she chooses to involve the male; but she has NO obligation whatsoever to do so.
demanding she has an abortion is just as bad as prohibiting said procedure.


this is also why i am semi-resistant to fully accepting the label "pro-abortion". because if the woman doesn't want one, but someone else in life does, it's her choice that i want to prevail.
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late lj-cut for sex-abuse because i'd rather be overcautious than under. )

anonymous replies accepted in comments. on my honour, i will not look up ip addresses. (i'm too mind-numbed to figure out how to turn the things off for one post.)
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so.... i offically declared myself a feminist on my taxes. (why the fuck does my occupation matter? you ask me a stupid question, you're going to get a smart-ass answer.) let them try to audit me; i know i underdeclared my deductions.

but they're off. check to the state and all. i need to fix it so i don't have to pay so much damn money next year. i'd be much happier over-paying and then getting a refund. it works for the federal, but that was so much easier to "fix".

i hate that said check leaves me nearly scraping buckets for a week. but there're worse places to be, i suppose. i AM still going to play bingo! on tuesday. that much is a given.

despite the weather out there, i'm debating on another cooking fest tonight. (it's cheaper.) actually, it's feeling more like a baking fest. and i always lose interest half way through the monotony of pulling cookie trays in and out of the oven. baking them as bars, though, just ain't the same.
also, i have curtains now. a set of three. i sewed one panel, a friend sewed the other two. (these are to replace the blanket that has been sufficing for several years now.) the only thing left to do is to climb up and hang them.

i'm such a litle homemaker.
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Court Strikes Down Equal Benefits law

Manhattan A state appeals court yesterday struck down the city's equal benefits law, which barred thecity from doing businses with companies that provide benefits for employees' spouses but not for their gay* domesetic partners. The Supreme Court's Appelalte Division ruled 5-0 that the statute, Local Law 27 of 2004, was illegal because it "runs afoul" of state laws by imposing more conditions on competetive bidders for munincipal contracts. AP.

Metro 3/16/05


* i don't remember the "gay" part being inherent for the domestic partner part.

EDIT to let mayor bloomberg know what an ass awesome leader he is, call 311* (in NYC) 212-new-york (639-9675 - outside new york).
mail: hon m.r. bloomberg
city hall
nyc, ny 10007
i'd give you the email/website but nyc.gov is currently requesting i "log in", even to "contact them". 311 has no idea how i can address this, except writing a letter and sending it usps.

*be prepared to have to call back if the person is a bit too...special... to understand your request.
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without using any of the "search" options (beyond control-f), how long does it take to find anything gay-related on either of the following sites:


caveat1: both have the potential to be triggering across the board.
caveat2: this is also where you can learn: The best way to protect your reproductive health is to wait until you are married to have sex because condoms don't work for all infections and only reduce the risk of others.
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dear feminist mens:

thank you ever so much for being men and feminists! you all deserve cookies; i will soon return to the kitchen and bake for you. you have my undying gratitude. i'm ashamed of anyone who would make you feel bad. that women-folk would even think about asking you to be quiet and let women talk -thus creating a "safespace" - no matter how brief the timespan, is nothing short of stupid.

i apologize that there are those evil(man-hating-hairy-lesbianic, etc.) feminists who think that maybe you shouldn't be leaders of The Movement. they're just bitter. all this reverse sexism makes no sense, i'll tell you what. and besides womens need to be taught a lesson as to how to talk back. it's their fault if they don't!

we can talk about privilege all we want. that doesn't matter. privilege is as priviledge does. what matters is keeping you guys interested. i don't want any of you to feel ignored; we need your penii lest we perish! we must fight the oppression of the almighty penis at all costs!

also-feel, before i forget, free to mock woman-kind all you want. making fun of a disadvantaged group, of which you are not a part, is perfectly fine. anyone who says anything to the contrary is only trying to oppress you further.


a concerned feminist (who isn't one of *those* feminists)
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the ny blood center's been calling me every day again. i answered it for a change. contrary to my most preferred poll results, i told them the truth- i'm getting over infections that i took antibioitics for.
call again later.

i think i got suckered because he started off the request by telling me i helped 5 people last time and they're really i need now because of this weather.

so, tell me lj-world, how much of a poseur am i?

[Poll #427425]

feel free to elaborte. etc.
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this will go down on your permanent record.

[Poll #423591]
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NTYIMES 1-17-05 Police Question Mother, 13, in Baby's Death... The mother of a newborn boy left for dead outside a church in the Bronx was identified by the police last night as a 13-year-old girl. She will probably face charges, the authorities said. . . .The girl can be charged as an adult. . .The baby was left only six blocks from the hospital. Under state law, people can leave unwanted children at hospitals without fear of arrest.  )

HOW do *i* know where to take any unwanted children? (and, actually, i think there's an age limit on this) because every time something like this happens - it's mentioned.
is it mentioned any other time? no. are there signs up in the subway? no. are there comercials on tv? no. or the radio? no. are there billboards on phone booths? no. in schools? no. on top of taxis? no. have i ever heard this law mentioned at any other time, save for when it's already too late? NO.
protective state laws don't mean shit if you're uninformed.

and if you're THIRTEEN years old? in new york, you may (currently) be able to get an abortion/birth control services on your own to keep this from happening, but this is provided you KNOW this and can AFFORD it.
however, may not be old enough to (legally): vote, drive a car, buy liquor/tobacco/porn, join the military, generally open your own bank account, have your own credit card, stay out past city-imposed curfew, be employed by most employers, get into R (or NC-17) movies, rent an apartment by yourself, easily open your own public assistance case, get a loan, be respected. . . . but goddamnit, you just might be old enough to be tried as an adult.
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courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] glbtq4life, i've learned of twilight of the golds, which netflix apparently carries.
i left netflix on rather bad terms, but i'm thinking i may want to rejoin...

i need to start wasting more time watching foolish lifetime movies. right?

the synopsis )
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on friday, i went and saw what had to be The Worst production of the Vagina monologues ever possible, at a certain ivy league university whose name starts with the letter C. now, i love, love, love 80s music and dance. i even think there are a few monologues to which the music could be added, maybe, if the person knew what she was doing.
this person really didn’t.
and she added it to All of them.
i’ve seen Vagina monologues performed well in the barren midwest, more than once it was enjoyable. i expected something better. i mean, it’s new fucking york. i was not thinking i’d end up watching the equivalent of a middle/high school production. but i swear, i might as well have been. (this is where i must remember to just breathe.)
and then there’s the booty thing. i’m all about shaking one’s booty. but there’s shaking one’s booty for sexual empowerment, etc. and there’s shaking one’s booty as a form of sexualization. yes, there is a difference. this was very much low-grade sexualization. which, again, fine, whatever, but this was the mutterfocking Vagina monologues (for chrissakes).

ok. ok. i think i know i’m supposed to be a member of the mtv generation. and this was supposed to be appealing to me? but i hate so much of/about my generation already. this really did not help. nor, did it help my general opinion of people.
honestly, the whole thing trivialized the points of the monologues themselves.
i could continue my rant, but i think that would be bad for my blood pressure.
and my headache is starting to return. and i’m not sure how many of you care anyway.
(did i mention though, that they gave away a brazillian bikini wax as a raffle prize? this was After the audience learned you can’t love a Vagina if you don’t love hair.)

but one final tirade on this experience: please people, if you’re going to see anything theater-related, like the Vagina monologues, and anything really, except maybe rocky horror picture show or porn or somethiing of that debased nature, have a little bit of courtesy and don’t spend copious amounts of time shoving your tongue down someone else’s throat. if that’s what you want to be doing, then go ahead and do it. i have nothing against the practice. just at least take it outside, or to a bar, or a room of your own. i don’t care. just someplace else.
not in front of me while i’m watching the Vagina monologues for chirissake.
have some respect. (the inner-prude, it seems, is not entirely dead, maybe.)
now i’m sounding like a bitter old woman. i’m not old, just bitter.
and not even bitter about the single thing. and i’m not bitter because i had to spend my valentine’s day alone, because i didn’t. (and, anyway, see below on another day for thoughts on valentine’s.) but, just bitter because i can be.

i’m not sure if i would have stayed for the whole thing if i Had gone alone and not with someone who actually has a brain. brains, i must continue to say, are beautiful things. (and to prevent anyone from trying to correct me, it would probably be more accurate to say the ones who possess and use their brains, are beautiful people. but not beautiful people like in that song.)
but at least i learned more about myself friday night. which is always a most wonderful thing. people (read: persons) are good for many things. and that’s one of them: helping you help yourself. wow, i’m being obtuse. i should quit while i’m ahead.
but at least this week i won’t have to deal with people asking me if i’m okay just because i get stuck on pensive-mode. pensive mode has dissipated overnight. i think Talking helps. okay, okay, i know it does.

oh i didn’t make it to the protest. i decided i just wasn’t up for it. alas.

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