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when the internet savvy get pissed, the internet savvy google bomb

so, according to smart bitches/trashy books it seems that amazon's folks at amazon rank have decided to stop including books that are a threat to puritanical society in their amazon rank.
scandalous and smutty books, you know, like foucault's history of sexuality*.
not that i approve of them removing the amazon rank listing from playboy's century of sex** or the amazon rank for basic women's erotica .

*and to illustrate the arbitraryness of it all volume 2 retains its amazon rank.

**don't worry, the amazon rank for playboy:the complete centerfolds is still safe.

amazon explains why sales' ranks matter here.

does a business have the *right* to run itself however it sees fit? for the most part, sure.
marshall, a so-called employee at amazon, says that amazon can't be homophobic because they employ a lot of gay people. which... i'm not going to touch their hiring practices right now .... but that sounds a lot like the "some of my best friends are gay" corporate equivalent. his comment at smart bitches/trashy books only makes amazon sound incompetent.

but, more to the point, if customers and potential customers are disgruntled by said company's policies, they also have the right to show their feelings and share their frustration.
sending a live-action threat to amazon is very much illegal.
google-bombing amazon and their amazon rank ~ not at all.
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yesterday, i went to see macauley culkin read from his new book. yes, he has a book. and, i'd even gander to say it's not as tripey as other literary aspirations of actor-types. he signed my copy of junior. he only signed books, though.... and only that book..... nothing else. also, no personal pictures were allowed. this all makes me sad. that he read his excerpt like a high school freshman who printed his piece off the night before his speech assignment was due, made me sad as well.

part of all this is that i should have remembered just how close i was going to be to NYU. i always forget. i think i block its very existence from my memory. the chances of an nyu student annoying me are quite high. but, OMG though, the next time i'm in a crowd and i'm the most "NORMAL" person there, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. that's just not natural. lots of single middle aged men. crowing college-aged women. nervous and cranky woman with british accent. and just random.... Other People. and not that such descriptors automatically make a person "abnormal", but there's just something there. i don't know. maybe you had to be there to understand my discombobulation.

i pity poor mr culkin, really. he got flustered when we were Normaltm to him and didn't try to crowd on top of him. or treat him like an alien/circus freak. or tell him our life stories. or tell him about how great he was in that one scene of that one movie. or, even, profess our undying love for him.
okay. so maybe it was that our normal behaviour was, in fact, abnormal.

(oh the potential philosophical ramifications of this entire endeavor!)

which reminds me, happy purim everyone who wishes to be wished a happy purim.

and how, you may wonder, do i know to extend this wish?

because on certain corner of st. mark's in the e. village, i was confronted with the question "are you jewish?" on all four corners by young jewish men wearing suits and some of whom donning light-up baseball caps. (the light-up part distracted me from figuring out what the cap's decal actually was. though, i doubt i could have read it because it was, at least in part, appearing to be written in hebrew.)

contrary to apparent appearance, i am not jewish.
had i been jewish, i could have boarded the purim-mobile* to celebrate with my fellow-jews.
but i am not.
so they wouldn't let us on. so i didn't get to celebrate. and i was almost sad.
i could have lied, but a) that would be Wrong b) i'd have probably Outed myself by accident.

*i'm not entirely sure if this was on the side of this van/rv. however, there was a specific "purim mobile" crusing the general area.
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i was going to plagiarize [livejournal.com profile] jadedjade's critique of brokeback mountain. it's her fault i have so much consciousness of this movie since it's a cowboy flick and i don't do cowboys. the story is beyond horrible in its prose - think harlequin, only without the romance, and none of the flair of zane.

but then i found this gay city news article instead.

before i carry on and share that, however, let me revert to fifth grade for just a few moments to point out that A.we are talking about a movie called brokeback mountain. which leaves much space for freudian/not-so freudian slips. B. we have a main character called ennis ahem del mar (which, for those of you not-so-literate in spanish translates to "of the sea") C. another character named Jack (insert word here) twist no, no innuendos there!.

ok, and on with the show.

article text behind this here cut. article does include 'spoilers' )

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dear self:

when you ask the particularly great (and never mind fine)
author whose book reading you just attended to sign _your)_ book, and said author asks you if you two have met before, the answer is not "um, i don't think so?".
goddamnit girl. i'm just saying.... for fuck's sake, you can do SO much better than that.


with all my love,


Jan. 8th, 2005 02:05 am
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i stole this from a friends of friends list. or a friend of a community list. i forget. i also forgot to check the source. but... that's all irrelevent!
here's the deal: on the list below, remove the name of any author not on your bookshelf and replace it with one who is. boldify the replacements.
how you choose and order the authors is entirely up to you.

and, of course, being that this *is* a meme, continue to infect share with others on lj this work of pure goodness.

random order
1. june jordan
2. james morrow
3. natalie angier
4. bell hooks
5. Neil Gaiman
6. james baldwin
7. carl sagan
8. julia alvarez
9. sandra cisneros
10. maggie estep

TEN means 10 NO CHEATING. if i can do it, so can you.

Books R Fun

Nov. 6th, 2004 02:48 pm
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from [livejournal.com profile] bike4fish

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3.Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions.

and, because i couldn't tell if they meant xxiii or 23, i included both, suckers.

xxiii: Women in erstwhile men's sports are coming to be seen not only as "normal," but as a source of pride.

23: The founding of the Boy Scouts in 1910 was an American effort to "reverse the feared decline in manliness" = a decline the U.S. comissioner of education explained with a fine appreciation of the centrality to masculinity of physical violence: "The boy in America is not being brought up to punch another boy's head, or to stand having his own punched in a healthy and proper manner. . ."

i'm conisidering the second to be all one sentence. nyah.

dowling, colette, the frailty myth: women approaching physical equality. New York: Random House, 2000.
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i went through the book collection and pulled out 2 dozen!
go me!
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