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so, the strike is over.

the mayor (who has publicly declared he will not run for office next term) has managed to call the strikers "selfish" and "thuggish" and, like damn near all the media outlets called the strike "illegal". nope. he ain't racist, how dare you suggest that? there's nothing racist in the term "thuggish". i'm quite sure if i tried hard enough, i could find quotable proof that bloomberg's colourblind. he's also not classist. he knows what it's like to be a commoner. he walked across the bridge!

bloomberg has also asked all new yorkers to pray for a fire fighter who was hit by a car as sie biked hir way to work. the implication being, of course, that sie would not have been biking had it not been for those twu strikers.

it should be interesting what comes forth later. the media love to say the strike is illegal according to The Taylor Law, without ever mentioning that the sole reason the strike commenced was that mta was trying to fuck with the pensions, which is illegal according to said Taylor Law. it's much easier to just say Taylor Law. maybe the theory was if you say it 3 times fast, a miracle will happen. Taylor Law. Taylor Law. Taylor Law.

and maybe it worked. i'm actually kinda' disappointed in toussaint in giving in. though, with the media blackout, i don't know what i'm missing. and i'm not in any kinda union, so i'm really clueless. i tried once, and i theoretically had a union willing to take us in. only "us" was just me and nobody else wanted to and/or had the luxury to take the risk of following me to The so-called Dark Side.
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Court Strikes Down Equal Benefits law

Manhattan A state appeals court yesterday struck down the city's equal benefits law, which barred thecity from doing businses with companies that provide benefits for employees' spouses but not for their gay* domesetic partners. The Supreme Court's Appelalte Division ruled 5-0 that the statute, Local Law 27 of 2004, was illegal because it "runs afoul" of state laws by imposing more conditions on competetive bidders for munincipal contracts. AP.

Metro 3/16/05


* i don't remember the "gay" part being inherent for the domestic partner part.

EDIT to let mayor bloomberg know what an ass awesome leader he is, call 311* (in NYC) 212-new-york (639-9675 - outside new york).
mail: hon m.r. bloomberg
city hall
nyc, ny 10007
i'd give you the email/website but nyc.gov is currently requesting i "log in", even to "contact them". 311 has no idea how i can address this, except writing a letter and sending it usps.

*be prepared to have to call back if the person is a bit too...special... to understand your request.
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in honor of starofthecircus's fund rasing campaign, i bring you this "letter".
and, to be honest, this "letter" has been sitting on my hard drive since last year. the entire situation makes me quite rageful. because i work in a contracted homeless shelter and have a per diem gig at a domestic violence shelter, i see the effects live and in person regularly.
it's fucking depressing. and i have NO idea how those who make the decisions sleep at night. THE SYSTEM SUCKS!

but what do i know? like i said, i just work there.

my so-called letter to the wonderful mayor bloomberg, my hero )


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